Tough Love: Cupcakes and Flowers and Sex in a Bathtub, Oh My!

After last week’s Tough Love ended with a “To Be Continued….” I was counting down the days until I’d get to see it again. So I was mega-excited when I turned on VH1 at the gym yesterday and caught a secret premier of the ep long before its 10 P.M. showtime.

I watched the drama unfold a full 11 hours early and stayed on the elliptical an extra 30 minutes to catch the end. Cha ching!

I realized (after watching the show on a TV that other people could see by simply walking behind me) that this show is ridiculous and sorta trashy, but I am really obsessed with it. And is it so bad to learn a thing or two from a reality show? I’m still single – maybe Steve can clue me in as to why!

Anyways, here’s what happened. Well, at least the important stuff:

First, Jody’s man comes over and proves that all it takes is a box of sweets and a few flowers to get back into the good graces of a woman. Especially a woman who, according to society, is too old to be single. Do I think they are a cute couple? Sure? Do I think that Jody should have forgiven him? Sure? But were cupcakes the way to go? Hmmm…how about diamonds?

Then there is Stasha and her big secret: she’s in love with someone else…and it’s that dude from American Idol. Um, seriously? I’m sure he’s a great guy, but did anyone ever think there was more than one dude out there with that haircut? The likeness is uncanny..and that beast of a woman is totally gonna chew that guy (tattoos and black nail polish and all) up and spit him out.

Taylor proves once again that she’s a gold digger when she goes for the old rich guy at the weekly singles event instead of the super hot athlete Steve matched her up with. Hottie Steve has a lot of teaching to do with that one, but perhaps I could teach her one very important lesson: big hoop earrings and a sparkly headband to not mix. Also, less is more, homegirl, so lay off the eyeliner.

Finally, and most trashily, we have Arian. As you probably remember from the 76 flashbacks from last week, Steve told her to stop being slutty or she may end up in some serious trouble. She broke a bunch of stuff and threatened to storm out, but she didn’t get very far. So, Steve and his mom sat down with Arian (and her giant breasts) and had a love-tervention. (That’s a love intervention…I really like putting words together: mantuation = man situation, frani = french manicure…)

"I don't like myself, so I buy shirts that won't button over my boobs."

Arian really seemed open to what these love experts had to say (which was, in a nutshell, stop being such a whore), but that went out the window as soon as she was around a guy again. The girl basically effed him on the pool table, in the hot tub, and then again in her bed. It’s obvious and sad that she doesn’t think anyone would like her for anything but her abilities in the bedroom, but I’m beginning to think maybe that’s all she has to offer anyway.

I think Steve has the mad skillz to find a guy for all of these girls (I mean, he even found someone for boring Natasha)…I just wonder if he’ll be able to do it for little Miss Slutty.

What do you think?

Overheard: Stop Poking Me!
Overheard: Stop Poking Me!
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