Beware of Mutant Acne!

Bad news for me, but good news for the giant under-the-surface zit brewing on my chin: acne bacteria may now be outsmarting the medicines we have been using to cure it.

Say it with me: O.M.G.

I know – I’m freaking out, too! I have 2 birthday parties this weekend and an ugly step-sister growing on my freaking face! And now science is telling me that there is nothing to do and I should wave my white flag and surrender to this bitch?!

Apparently derms have been over-prescribing antibiotics for acne, which has created these mutant strains that aren’t touched by the stuff. No, not even that crazy shiz that bleaches your clothes/towels when you use it.

Doctors and researchers are getting very worried – some claiming that up to 30% of people with acne have these affected strains – and are looking at new ways to treat these mutant zits. Sure, acne isn’t a life threatening disease, but the results of this could really wreak some havoc!

Let’s just hope they figure out something fast. I’m not sure how much longer I can hold out against this beast taking over my face. There isn’t enough cover-up in this world to help us all now.

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