Night Styler: Right On Target

So it’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Tarjay and all the cheap cuteness it has to offer, but even I still have my days when I’m amazed at just how good a deal you can find there.

Today is one of those days.

With the cute Go International line they carry, you can find a whole party appropriate ensemble (that’s all about spring trends) for under $130. And by whole I mean dress, shoes, handbag and jewelry. Even better, the accessories are versatile enough to be used for numerous other outfits!

If that isn’t a smart investment, I dunno what is.

So, with the school year coming to an end bringing with it countless soirees, I thought I’d do it up for this week’s Night Styler. This look is so cute I just ordered it online (and because it’s so cheap, I don’t even feel guilty!).

I love both of these dresses with the watermelon color. They are both sexy, trendy and totally fun. The corset style dress might not be the best for the big busted girls out there, but who can say no to a sexy black one-shoulder that shows off a little leg?

A cute black clutch is essential to any gal’s closet, and at $14.99, this is a steal.

Everyone needs to own a pair of sexy black peep-toe pumps, and this pair gets bonus points for the snakeskin print and interesting cut-out, which are both huge this season.

Jewelry makes everything party perfect, and rings and earrings are the best way to go when you have an asymmetrical neckline that doesn’t allow for a necklace. Plus, these onyx accessories will look fierce with the bright watermelon color on the dresses.

If you haven’t checked out Target (or their website) recently, make sure you get there pronto. If this look isn’t your thing I’m sure you’ll find something to your liking almost immediately. I truly believe there is nothing more fabulous than a great deal on a hot look and Target delivers.

Totes Magotes.

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