Your Mom Just Facebooked Me

Beware, your mother is on now Facebook. You don’t believe me? Well, CNN has the proof. They are reporting that women over 55 are the fastest growing group on Facebook. That’s right, your mother is sending you a friend request at this very moment.

Maybe you’re part of that lucky minority who hasn’t received that email yet, the email that will crush your boundaries and make you curse the social network’s very existence. That may be true, but your mom may still be just a click away from invading your personal Facebook space.  Studies show that “there are now about 1.5 million female users older than 55 on the site — roughly a 550 percent increase over six months ago.”

Unfortunately, my mother is among this statistic.

We became Facebook “friends” about a month ago and let me tell you, my world has never been the same since. At first, I thought our new virtual relationship could be fun. Maybe it would free up some of my cell phone minutes, make her feel more included and “hip.” Maybe I could leave her fun messages on her wall and tag her in embarrassing photos. Well… it’s not so fun. Not so fun at all.

If your mom has yet to find you on Facebook, here’s what you have to look forward to:

She will:

Write on your wall and sign it, “Love, Mom.”
Get confused and ask for your help. Again and again.
Sign up for applications and send you drinks and presents and puppies.
Question who people are, what they said and what it means.
Comment on inappropriate pictures, most likely by criticizing you.
Start conversations with “I was on Facebook and …”
Know what you’re doing and when you’re doing it.
Friend your friends.

Beware, Facebook is not mom-friendly. You will get frustrated, irritated, and embarrassed, so talk her out of it while you still can. If it’s too late for you, her new-found obsession should only last a few weeks. Laugh it off an start sharing war stories. Remember, we’re all in this together.

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