Fit Finds: You Bet Your Fat On It

A little friendly competition never hurt anyone…And when it comes to shaping up, sometimes it helps to have the motivation of others spurring you on. For me, the most dedicated I have ever been to regular gym-going and eating right was when I either had a goal in mind (running a half-marathon last summer) or when I had others keeping me accountable (during my office’s version of The Biggest Loser).

Well, there’s a website I recently discovered┬áthat enables you to form a little fit challenge with your friends: The premise behind it is that “the declaration of goals, combined with regular tracking and the fear of losing a group ‘Fatbet'” works better than going at it alone. And I have to say, it’s a pretty great idea, not to mention totally free and easy to do.

To start, you can sign up for a free account. After that, set your weight-loss goal, enter dates, and create a Fatbet wager. Then, send people you know a Fatbet challenge (word to the wise: you may want to make sure that they want to lose weight before you send them the invite…). Each day, you can track your personal and Fatbet group progress. When the Fatbet ends, all who reach their weight-loss goals win. Those who don’t pay the Fatbet wager (like streak across campus!).

Just a warning: the website is nothing fancy. It’s definitely a no-frills operation, but it gets the job done. Perhaps that’s because it was started by “three pudgy guys” who realized they were getting a bit hefty while drinking beer on vacation in Hawaii and challenged each other to lose some weight. Out of their weight loss experience, and 90 pounds later, was born.

Start betting and start losing (weight)!

Beware of Mutant Acne!
Beware of Mutant Acne!
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