Alyssa Milano Launches Girly Line of Sportswear

tigers-topAlyssa Milano has answered your prayers.

That is assuming your prayers involved girly sportswear and peasant tops with your favorite team’s logo on it.

She has recently launched her new line of sportswear for women called the “Touch Collection.” Thanks to Ms. Milano women will no longer have to suffer through sporting events in boxy sweatshirts and boys’ tees. Now we can root for our teams in feminine style!

I know I’ve spent many nights lying awake in bed wondering how I could look cute while rooting for my Tigers. I’ve spent every Saturday at the Big House hoping that I would one day be able to show off my legs while being tossed in the air after a Wolverine touchdown. I’ve scoured the malls looking for a Pistons t-shirt that could show off my curves.

Ok, so that’s all a lie.

I never really cared what I looked like for sporting events, as anyone who has ever gone to a game with me can attest. I actually like the ease of throwing on some sweats, putting my hair in a ponytail and cracking a beer at the stadium. But I have to say, this new line from Alyssa Milano is really cute. No, I don’t think I’d ever wear a peasant top or dress to a game, but I do love the sweatshirts. The logo on the hood? Adorable. The hole for your thumb in the cuff? Love it!

Trust me, when I first heard about this new line I was ready to tear it apart. As much as I tried, though, I just couldn’t. I even bought a hoodie. Maybe now that peanut vendor will stop calling me sir.

What do you think?
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