Celebrate 4/20 In (High) Style

phelps_bong_potAs a non smoker I find 4/20 to be absolutely unbearable. No one can give me a serious answer to my questions and my roommates raid the kitchen to the point that I find them crouched down mixing Craisins with dry pasta and calling it lunch.

But this year I had the fabulous idea of making it possible for me to enjoy my friends on a day when they enjoy nothing besides smoking…and things that are crunchy. I’ve come up with the top five best party themes to end 4-20 on as high (get it?) of a note as possible.

So invite your friend Mary Jane (yes I googled marijuana nicknames) and let’s party!

Amsterdam party
Nothing says mature and classy like a European party. So get out your clogs and grab your tulips because your party guests are going to Amsterdam. Give every guest a blank canvas and a pack of crayons when they come in and let them (Van) Gogh crazy as they create their own masterpieces.  Serve Rastafarian Rum.

Jay and Sexy Silent Bob Party
This one’s pretty self-explanatory. It’s a boy’s only party and your boyfriend is going to love you for putting it together. The tables are finally turned on the sexy costume stereotypes and the men are getting in on the action. Make sure each guests knows that if they choose to be a Sexy Silent Bob, they can’t speak all night. Oh, and don’t forget the munchies.

Babes and Bongs
Yep! Your prayers are answered…finally a girls-night-in themed party for 4-20. Grab your closest girl friends, your best bongs, and some of your favorite chick flicks. Serve hot chocolate and hash-brownies and let the hemp braiding begin.

How High (can your dress go?)
After a long day of smoking, nothing feels better than taking off your smelly clothes and putting on your hottest dress. Every guest gets automatically entered into the How High Can Your Dress Go competition and the winner gets a picture of Lindsey Lohan/Brittney Spears’s crotch (celebrity up to your discretion). Serve the 420 version of Jungle Juice…Joint Juice.

Well now you have some great ideas on how to make this 4/20 memorable. Ok, maybe not, but at least it’s better than sitting around all day looking at your hand and counting your fingers.

Any other great ideas!. List ’em below!

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