Fashionably Techie: Nintendo’s Newest Toy

nintendo-dsi-console-1Moving is hard but it was all made better by my new toy, the Nintendo DSi. Nothing takes the stress of packing boxes away quite like a little video game action. Now, I was a little ambivalent about purchasing this item. I mean, I’m an adult… and it’s a Gameboy (I refuse to call it anything else. A Gameboy is a Gameboy!), but upon finding that I got a $70 dollar credit when I traded in my DS Lite, I figured, hey, why not?

The system is touted as having many advanced features from the older DS. A slightly larger screen and a lot of really great new abilities: downloading full games directly to the system, camera and photo editing, more memory, etc. Sure, these aren’t things I really needed (I only want to play games on my way to class!), but I’m a sucker for bells and whistles.

And let me tell you, I’m glad I bought it!

The system looks different from the former having a matte finish which keeps it from getting all smudged. Vain and silly I know but I HATED when I had fingerprints on my DS. It just looked messy. But that’s the least of its features.

So what other tasty things does it do?

Le’s start with the camera. The resolution isn’t bad. There’s no flash and it tends to get blurry when anyone moves (like the crappy iPhone camera), but it’s good for taking quick pictures of friends or funny things on the bus. You can also edit the photos that you take on the fly. Wanna add hearts to your boo? Done. Wanna give your BFF fish lips to show her what her obsession with plastic surgery will do to her? Done and done.
It also happens to be a main component of some new games. Brain Age Express: Math uses the camera for some of the features in the actual game.  How cool is that!?

There’s also a voice recorder that you can play around with. It doesn’t record much and you have to be rather close for it to be clear, but it’s good for a quick note to yourself. It’s also good to one-up your friends who have that old DS.

Much like the new iPod Touch, the DSi comes with internet capabilities. It can’t pick up on every wireless router, but it is pretty useful. Although the memory is small and can’t load every page you may want to use (probably to prevent porn surfin’) I was able to check my mail and update my Myspace. It’s browser is powered by Opera and is functional for small internet tasks.

It also has a download shop where you can directly download games to your DSi. The shop is pretty empty right now but I’m sure Nintendo will be adding things in the near future. I purchased Brain Age and have been having fun training my brain in minutes a day.

The only real downside to this puppy is that it only handles DS cards. For most people this is a non-issue, but if you’re really addicted to your old school NES games that were re-released in GBA format a few years ago, you are gonna be upset.

All in all, the DSi is a fun little toy.  And now I have to get back to Animal Crossing. Those weeds aren’t going to pull themselves.

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