Girl Crush: Heidi Klum

[There are some women out there that we just can’t get out of our minds. No, we aren’t switching teams – yet – but we do have some serious crushes on some pretty fierce females. These ladies are all special in their own right and we aren’t ashamed to tell the world we love them.]

When I’m not sitting around being insanely jealous of Heidi Klum, I’m crushing on her.

Obviously, I’m jealous because at 35, and having popped out three kids, Heidi still looks insanely hot naked.  We know her best as one of the Victoria’s Secret Angels.  She’s a supermodel, and always fabulously dressed.

But she’s not just a pretty face.  Heidi is also the host, a judge AND an executive producer for our fave reality show, Project Runway.  And it’s her role on Project Runway that has me crushing.  I mean, you totally want to hate someone as hot as Heidi, but you can’t once you see how cute and fun she is. Hell, I’ll watch PR even if it’s on Lifetime just to see her.

Now that’s devotion.

When she’s not working with Tim Gunn or starring in VS ads, Heidi is a mom.  And she looks damn good doing it, even if she hangs the heels and opts for a more casual look when she’s with the kids.  I love her for this, I mean, stilettos and children = trouble.  Ms. Klum proves that you can look good mommy-ing, which gives me hope for when I pop some out (in 30 years).

Somewhere in between being a mom, on TV, and a supermodel, Heidi found time to launch a line for Jordache (and is probably the only woman on the planet who could revive that 80’s line). She’s also designed shoes for Birkenstock, kidswear for a German company and swimsuits. And, can I just say, she has still made the time to maintain that rockin’ bod. She’s like Super Woman.

And can I just say that there is no cuter family than the Heidi/Seal family? The media may call them a “patchwork family,” but I just see a happy and totally good-looking one.  There’s even rumors around the net that she might be pregnant with a fourth child.  And if this rumor is true, I am sure this child will be just as adorable as her others — though I hope she cuts down on the number of middle names, I mean Henry Günther Ademola Dashtu and Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo are quite the mouthfuls.

Heidi just personifies adorable.  She’s rocked out like Tom Cruise in Risky Business for a Guitar Hero ad, and danced while extremely preggers with Ellen.  Watching anything with her just shows she is super cute, and even though I secretly hate how fabulous she looks all the time, she still makes me smile.

I wouldn’t kick this lady out of my bed.
Er…I mean…I’m crushing.

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