College Candy’s Favorite Celebrities Who Tweet

Ah Twitter.

You know something’s a hit when verbs are being made out of it. Or when Oprah is doing it on live TV. Or when Anderson Cooper is begging people to follow CNN in order to beat Ashton Kutcher in the race to 1 MILLION followers (typed in Dr. Evil speak, obvi).

Much like Facebook took on its own verbiage (“I Facebooked him,” or, after every drunken photo op at the bar, you yell “tag it!”), Twitter is the newest pop culture obsession amongst celebs and mere mortals alike. With it came not only a new set of Internet jargon (“He Tweeted you WHAT?”), but yet another networking site for you to update and check incessantly in class…

Frankly, it all seems exhausting, but never one to be left out I joined the bandwagon and I’m Twittering away! (Follow me @mysocalled20s and our CollegeCandy page @collegecandy!)

It’s addicting. It’s entertaining. It’s even more proof – not like we really need it – that our generation is is all about narcissism and shameless self promotion.

And I love every second of it. (Almost as much as I love myself/looking at myself in the mirror.)

Apparently so do our favorite celebs. Maybe it’s because it’s a way to connect with fans without being shrieked at on the street. Maybe it’s because they can set the record straight without going through their b*itchy publicist who always responds with a “no comment.” But whatever the case, there is a plethora of celebs out there tweeting.

Some are hysterical, some are sharing what they eat, and some are just as pathetic on their Twitters as they seem to be in real life.

And all of them provide us with yet another reason to procrastinate that paper that’s due in – uh- 2 hours. So, here is a list of my favorite celebrities who Tweet. P.S. Can someone please remind me to thank @tinafey for reminding me about the existence of Carmello bars? Thanks.

1) Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest)- Fact is, Ryan Seacrest is a Man 10 ways. He is always All. Over. The. Place. I mean, seriously, when does the guy sleep? But even with all that, he still manages to find time – like, um, I don’t know, during commercial breaks on the Idol set – to give us the behind the scenes scoop and respond back to fans and celebs alike. And we love having another way to have a little Ryan in our life.

2) Tina Fey (@tinafey) – While she doesn’t update often, when she does I swear a little pee comes out. That woman is fun-ny.

3) Oprah (@oprah) She is the newest to join the celebrity Twitterverse and it’s totes the real woman. We follow in hopes that one day she’ll give all her followers a free car. Enough said.

4) Ashton Kutchter (@aplusk) – Not only did he get 1 million followers before CNN, but he uses Twitter to do more than just talk about what color shirt he decided to wear at today’s photo shoot. He is getting the word out there for good causes and uses his voice to spread positivity, which is what the world really needs right now. Plus he’s funny. And I’d follow a funny man anywhere.

5) Heidi Montag (@heidimontag) – Just as annoying on Twitter, but something about using half of her 140 characters in exclamation points becomes slightly addicting: “life is so short and we get another day of life!!! celebrate!!!!! enjoy every moment of your day, have fun its your life u only get one!” Exclamation point count: 9.

6) Giuliana Rancic (@giulinanarancic) – I won’t lie, there have been times I’ve screamed at my TV: “Giuliana. Cookie. NOW.” (When I saw she wasn’t taking my advice I decided to eat it for her…) But take one look at her Twitter page and you can feel her down-to-earthness. She @replies to her fans who ask her questions about her clothes/job/workout regime etc- and she is honest. None of that “I eat like a pig- I eat whatever I want” This E! News chic Tweets at 4:30 am on her way to the gym. Talk about motivation.

7) Ellen Degeneres – She Tweets as funny as she speaks.

8) P.Diddy aka Ptwitty (@iamdiddy) – Twitter shows us a whole other side of the Did-ster that we never knew existed. And while he may be on Twitter overload at times (taking some exclamation point lessons from @heidimontag), he is spreading the positivity, and this chick right here is all about that.

9) Hugh Jackman (@RealHughJackman). I can’t even read his Tweets (and apparently he is trying to do good for charity!) because every time I try, I get distracted by his photo at the top…

10) Backstreet Boys (@backstreetboys) – We all know CollegeCandy’s love for the BSB and now their Twitter page brings us all even closer to them. If only they responded to our 245 @ messages a day. BSB, I LOVE YOU.

Now if only we could get Jason Segel to join this bad boy (oh and um, date me? I can crack a mean joke, Jason Segel!). Then I’d be set…

Follow me on Twitter I promise I won’t tell you what I eat for lunch (sandwich!), what color my shoes are (black!), or how many bottles of water I drank today (does Diet Coke count?). And don’t forget to follow us at our College Candy page here!

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