Saturday Read: The Best Love Stories You’ll Ever Read

If you’ve caught any of my Saturday Reads you already know that I whole-heartedly LOVE books. And it just so happens that some of my most-loved reads are, in fact, love stories. I’m always amazed when I read a book about love and the emotions on the page completely echo the emotions I’ve felt in my heart.

I think love stories are the best example of the power of words; they strike a chord and tug at your heartstrings. As I’ve said before, the mark of a great book is one that can make you FEEL simply with words. So here is my list of the best love stories ever to be published.

1.Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

It’s a classic for a reason! Jane Austen’s timeless masterpiece about Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy continues to captivate readers almost two centuries after its publication. It is also a great read for anyone interested in history and the society of the era as that is a major player in the novel. It’s a logical love story, but touching and, again, classic!

2. PS, I Love You by Cecilia Ahern

Even though I’m sure everyone has seen the movie, the book is great as well! It is quite different from the movie, making it a worthwhile read regardless. This book is unique because it explores a relationship and love that defies even death. Holly learns to move after her husband, Gerry, dies, but realizes that she will always love him and he will always love her, too. It’s not only heartfelt, but teaches an important lesson that just because a relationship ends, the love may not die off.

3. The Little Prince by Antoine Saint-Exupery

This is THE most important book I think I have ever read. Ever. Even though it is considered a children’s novel, it taught me so many lessons on love and life. When the little prince talks about taming something, I understood that as loving and found the passage so moving, I cried. I keep going back to this book whenever I need some inspiration or to really FEEL something. I think if everyone read this book, we would have a lot more understanding and compassion in the world.

4. Atonement by Ian McEwan

Forbidden love is often the most passionate love as in Ian McEwan’s novel. This is another book-turned-to-movie, however it is 100% worth the read. McEwan is a beautiful writer, but the love story between Cecilia and Robbie really steals the show. Cecilia is torn between her head and her heart, a plot as old as time and I believe many people can relate to their relationship. It also shows those ignorant to the situation how truly painful denying your feelings can be.

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