Spring Makes Me Want To Party

Robin Williams hit the nail on the head when he said “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!'” With less than four weeks left of school, you’re probably finding it difficult to do homework, go to class, and study. All you want to do is sit outside in the sunny, 75 degree weather and bask in all of nature’s glory.

If there is one thing I know it is that Spring is distracting. It’s torture to be held inside a dismal classroom while you could be outside drinking fruity cocktails to quench your thirst, enjoying the sunshine, and watching sweaty frat boys play frisbee on the freshly cut green grass. (Editor’s Note: Deeeelish.)

Oh Spring, why are you so wonderfully distracting?

Drinks:  After months of drinking cold beverages while trying to avoid hypothermia, we can finally sit back and enjoy cool ones without shivering.  From fruity Sea Breezes to Mojitos, these brighter cocktails provide the perfect refresher and relaxer as you start to freak out over exams. And why would anyone want to go to class when they could sit outside sipping on some Franzia?

Color:  Everything in the springtime is BRIGHT.  The grass is greener, colorful flowers are everywhere, and even the clothes are brighter.  In the winter, everything is dull and even sitting in a classroom is better than being outside in the cold.  Now, the sky is blue and generally dull-free (except for those pesky April showers), and you sit by the window in class staring at the sunshine trying to make shapes out of those friendly, puffy white clouds and dreaming of laying on the quad with an Us Weekly.

Day Parties:  Parties that go on all day are the best. And parties that go all day when you don’t have to wear a jacket, scarf and long sleeve shirt over your cute cami are even better.  It’s warm enough to walk (no DUIs) and the sun stays out longer for more all-day drinking. Perfection.

Clothes: Springtime clothes are fantastic.  With the bright colors you can get creative with your wardrobe, or wear your spring whites to make your skin look a little less pasty.  Even better, guys look snazzy and sexy in their seersucker shorts and Guy Harvey tees. Holler.

Boys: It’s a fact-spring makes you sexual.  I don’t know whether it’s the air, the clothes or the happiness that comes in a warm breeze, but sexuality seems to heighten in the spring.  How is anyone supposed to concentrate on finals when the warm weather makes you wanna jump the kid at the table next to you?

The Sun:  It’s not summer, so you aren’t cursing the sun for being blazingly hot, yet it’s warm enough for you to lay out. (Between classes, of course.)

It’s amazing anyone can get anything done in this wonderful season. It’s amazing that I was able to write this entire post. Oh look! A butterfly!

I’m out.

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