Pour One For Your Homie, Mother Earth

I love any reason to celebrate, especially when it’s a good reason like Earth Day. I don’t know if it’s the first day of spring or the conscious effort of everyone around me trying to be a better earthling, but Earth Day just makes me happy.

So why aren’t we celebrating?? Get into the spirit! Be environmentally friendly. Throw a party hotter than global warming. Make your friends green with envy. Reduce your work load…. Okay, you get the idea. Now get out there and get ready to celebrate with these Earth Day ideas.

1. Skip the morning shower and go for the hippie-chic look instead.

2. Break out some candles, some home-made booze and throw an Amish theme party! Who conserves energy better than people who don’t believe in it?

3. Reward your favorite eco-hottie with a global-warming make out sesh.

4. Talk the local produce guy into giving you an Earth Day discount, then invite your friends over for an earth-friendly veggie fest.

5. Recycle the mountain of Coors Light cans you’ve been stashing.

6. Make hemp jewelry with your favorite stoner friend.

7. Boycott your classes. Do you know how wasteful college campuses are?

8. Don’t go anywhere you can’t get to on a bike. Work is too far away? Darn, looks like you’ll have to take off for Earth Day.

Day-to-Night Styler:  From Casual Cool to Casual Chic
Day-to-Night Styler: From Casual Cool to Casual Chic
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