Going Green Is Easy With These 5 Products

We all want to go green, but let’s face it – it’s not easy. Not only is it impossible to build a compost heap in the dorms, there are a lot of lame Earth-friendly products out there. We’re not going to trade in our gorgeous leather bags for some crappy burlap sack. We aren’t going to start cleaning our dishes with some nasty dish soap/toothpaste/shampoo combo.

That’s not going green; that’s going ugly.

But wait. There are some really cool, great and low-cost products out there that are also good for Mother Earth. The kinds of things that you use in everyday life. Things that would be easy to swap out to decrease your negative impact on our beautiful planet.

Lucky for you, CC found them. Read on to learn about the best everyday products for our green world:

Method Home Products
Method sells high-quality cleaning products, dish soap, hand soap, and more. They offset their corporate carbon emissions, use natural materials in what they make, and put the whole shebang in recyclable packaging. They’re also great for gals on a budget, since their stuff won’t break the bank. So stop using any other cleaning product and pick up the earth friendly Method alternatives at Target.

Pangea Organics
Mmmm. Pangea sells skin-care products, delicious body lotion, shower gel, and even lip gloss. Everything they make is completely organic, and they don’t use any petrochemicals in their stuff.

To-Go Ware
To-Go Ware peddles environmentally friendly food containers, utensils, and bags. Some are a little bit pricey, but all are durable and made of strong materials. Instead of using and disposing of hundreds of plastic forks each year, you can just throw a set of their eco utensils into your bag and use them for that quick Thai run between classes. The company advocates for women’s education and entrepreneurship, human rights, and environmental sustainability. Even more good reason to nab a set of these.

Sun Chips
Ever wonder why these delicious chips are called Sun Chips? Well, it’s because they are made in a solar powered factory! It happens to be the only chip factory in the country, giving this snack the smallest carbon footprint around. The Sun Chips people are also working on a fully compostable bag, making these chips BFF with Mama Earth. They also happen to be the perfect study snack, so skip the Doritos and opt for these instead.

Crazy Rumors
Crazy Rumors makes lip balms that are delectable, vegan, cruelty-free, and Earth-friendly. Everything in their products is natural and designed to deliver intense moisture to the lips. A friend of mine swears that they’re the only lip balms that will get her through the most frigid of Minnesota winter days.

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