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Tree-Hugging Hotties


There’s something about Earth Day that gets to my libido every time. It could just be the spring weather after a long lonely winter, but come Earth Day, I am a woman in heat. The sun is shining, the flowers are in bloom, men are everywhere taking off their shirts to do a little yard work.

I’m not really one discriminate, but there’s something so sexy about a man who takes care of the environment. Just the thought of planting trees together gets me going.  His strong hands covered in dirt, biceps bulging as he lowers the shovel into the ground, his body sweating… Is it hot in here or is it just global warming?

Call me a tree hugger if you want, but I would gladly hug (naked hug?) any of these earth friendly hotties. So reduce, reuse and recycle and then sit back and relax while you admire our Earth Day gift to you. (Click on the image to get see the boys in all their earth-loving splendor.)

grenier jake_gyllenhaal jamie_oliverjohn-mayer OUT958592 coldplaypicsq1 orlando_bloom leo toby zac brad-pitt damon