Fashionably Techie: Recycle Those Electronics

cellphones1Happy late Earth Day! You probably don’t think of tech gadgets when you think of saving the planet but you should. I mean think about how many new cell phones you’ve gotten in the past two years. For most people it’s at least two (or more if you’re accident/drop-in-the-toilet prone).

Where do you think your old phones go? There’s no magical cell phone farm where they go to live out their last days in a texting spree. It’s more like a industrial landfill where they sit until the end of time.

And well that’s just not great for the Earth. The amount of tech junk that’s hanging out would make Captain Planet cry.

So what can you do to help with that? Well, you could buy less stuff, but that’s not too realistic. Especially with all the cool shiz that comes out monthly (thank you, Apple!) and the short life many of our gadgets have.

So what can you do? Why recycle, of course!

While you can’t just toss your old Razr or MacBook in the recycling bin with your cardboard boxes and empty bottles, there are many recycling centers to send your used electronics to when they break down or become obsolete. Check here for a list of places local to you! Or see if your city offers the USPS recycling program.

And when it comes to many other electronics, you have many options to save Mother Earth that are simple and will probably save you money in the end.

* Instead of buying new printer cartridges just refill the ones you have.

* Print on both sides of your computer paper. Maybe not for your actual turn-in products but for your notes. Also check with your profs to see if you can turn in things electronically. Every little bit counts.

* Turn your stuff off. Game consoles burn up an obscene amount of energy. I understand wanting to leave them running but it’s better for everyone if you just turn them off and replay that level later.

* Unplug! Don’t leave everything you own plugged in at all times. Not only does it cost you extra money, but it sucks a ton of energy! When you aren’t drying your hair, unplug the dryer. When you aren’t making coffee, unplug the coffee maker. You get the idea…

You don’t have to do grand things to help make the Earth a better place. Just do a little somethin’ somethin’ with those electronics and we’ll make this planet a better (and toxin free) place.

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