Girl Crush: Jessica Biel

jessica_biel[There are some women out there that we just can’t get out of our minds. No, we aren’t switching teams – yet – but we do have some serious crushes on some pretty fierce females. These ladies are all special in their own right and we aren’t ashamed to tell the world we love them.]

Who was voted “The Sexiest Woman Alive?” Oh yes, that would be my new girl crush, Jessica Biel. And for good reason. Not only is Ms. Biel really freaking sexy, but she plays it up with her uncanny ability to pull off any fashion look, from  “cute and casual” to “sexy in style.”

But the thing is, it never really looks like she’s trying. She’s got a very laid-back approach to fashion and always makes it look so easy. Jessica would much rather be wearing jeans and a t-shirt then get all dressed up in couture designs, but when she does, she still manages to make it all look so relaxed. Like she just rolled out of bed, smeared on a little lip gloss and slipped into the designer dress she just had hanging in the closet.

And she still looks breathtaking.

Maybe it’s because of that perfect body of hers. A body I think about when I’m lying on the ground avoiding my ab workout. A body that she works her booty off for instead of hopping on the Hollywood“I think I’ll just stop eating and sip a Venti Latte” bandwagon. Biel always wanted to be like her idol Mia Hamm, not a supermodel and she proves that her goal produces a much sexier result. Toned yet curvy, Biel has the body we are all working towards.

But, as we all know, Ms. Biel is more than just a pretty face (who is kissing an even prettier face); Jessica also has a very wide range of talent. I first started crushing when she starred as innocent little Mary, the preacher’s daughter, on 7th Heaven. And she’s come a long way since then, being transformed from a child actor girl into a beautiful woman. A beautiful woman who can adapt to any gig thrown her way. She’s played all sorts of roles, from the scary Texas Chainsaw Massacre to the hilarious I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. She has been nominated 13 times for roles in various movies, and won 4 times.

Her biggest prize, though? Um, how about Justin Timberlake?! Or Derek Jeter before him? How can anyone not crush on the girl if some of the hottest men on earth do? Seriously, I want to hate her so much for bunking up with my boyfriend, but I heart JT and JT hearts her, so that means that I heart her too.

Jessica Biel is an all-natural, real woman. She is happy with who she is and won’t give in to be someone she is not. The girl doesn’t even like wearing makeup! “It’s pointless and I hate it.”

How can you not crush on that!?

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