Makeup 101: Save your Skin from the Sun

So yesterday I got my first sunburn of the year. (At least, I think it’s a sunburn – it may also be a result of my drunken face-plant…) Honestly, though, I’m not gonna complain ’cause Syracuse hasn’t seen the sun in months. I am, however, going to dust off the sun products that have been under my bed for the past 8 months.

If you want to prevent painful burns, wrinkles, sunspots and , most importantly, cancer, you really need to remember to preserve your skin. And preserving your skin means more than slopping on some SPF 4 when you lay at the beach. The sun can harm your skin at any time, so learn from my burned mistake (I was drinkin’ a beer outside) and protect yourself.

Below are some makeup products that include SPF built right in! I’m not suggesting this is a substitute for using sunscreen, but if you’re just going outside quickly, or want to add some extra protection you gotta try these great finds. Unless, of course, you want to look like this when you’re 30.

LORAC tinted moisturizer: This moisturizer is oil free and has SPF 30 built right in. 30! Most moisturizers only tout SPF 15, so this is great for you fair-skinned ladies. It comes in 5 colors and provides a sheer natural glow. Love it!

Cover FX cream foundation: This foundation is also SPF 30 and replenishes your skin. It comes in over 20 color choices so you’ll be able to find a perfect match.

Bare Escentuals Sun Proof Fun: Yes, your eyelids can get burned too. In fact, they are extremely sensitive and, take it from me, hurt like a mo-fo when burned. This little kit includes 4 colors in tan, brown, and pink shades, and is SPF 20 to protect those lids.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment: We often forget about our lips when it comes to protection from the sun; it’s not like we’re going to rub some Hawaiin Tropic on them. But lips can get burned – really burned – and need protection all the time. This balm will protect you with SPF 15 and is made with real sugar. It’s smooth, tasty, and moisturizing.

The Balm Balmshelter: This shiny gloss is SPF 17 (random?). It goes on smooth and comes in 12 colors with a delicious strawberry-banana taste. Perfect for summer (lovin’).

Last but not least, Sephora Sun Safety Kit: This 13 piece kit includes sample sized versions of all kinds of great sun products at only $22.50! Ah-mazing deal. It includes moisturizer, eye cream, lotion, and photo-finish. Best part? 100% of the profits go to The Skin Cancer Foundation. So test out some products, save your skin, and help others out at the same time!

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