Sneak Peek of Target’s New Tracy Feith GO International Line!

I’ve loved Target and their super-cheap prices since… well, pretty much forever. I know I’m not the only one who goes in there to buy toilet paper only to come out with 4 bags of stuff. Or to make the excuse of buying toilet paper so I can shop the cute accessories in the front of the store…

It’s gotten even harder to resist that Target-urge since they launched their seasonal GO! International line. How can you not buy Proenza Schouler or Jovovich-Hawk at Target prices? You’d be a fool.

Anyways, GO! International has announced their next designer and it’s Tracy Feith! I have a feeling I won’t even be making the “I need toilet paper” excuse to run to my campus Target and clear off the racks. Simply putting the words “Tracy Feith” and “cheap” in the same sentence will be a good enough excuse.

Don’t know who Tracy is? Well, Michelle Obama does. She wore a Tracy Feith dress during the big Inauguration weekend. Feith is known for his interesting prints, his  laid-back, California style and, of course, his attention to detail.

His line doesn’t hit stores until May 17th, but CollegeCandy got a sneak peek and, being the cool girls that we are, we thought we’d give you a little taste!  The collection is full of retro, bohemian-inspired designs in bright colors and fun florals.  It is being touted as “Bohemian luxury” and includes fun dresses, skirts, jackets, and swimsuits, which means its all perfect for my much-needed Spring wardrobe makeover.

I normally use my Sundays for sleeping and America’s Next Top Model marathons, but I’ll be up bright and early on May 17th to get these looks before some other girl (like all of you!) gets her paws on ’em. (Click on the image to see the full look!)

PS. Does that model look familiar to anyone?

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