Weekly Wrap Up: Best Week Ever!

This week may have been the best week ever.  For starters, people celebrated 4/20 on Monday.  Tuesday (probably the best day ever) was both Iced Coffee Day at Dunkin Donuts® AND Free Scoop Day at Ben and Jerry’s®.  Plus, on Wednesday, we celebrated Earth Day!  We learned why college students should go green, which is easier than you’d think.  And now we can keep the celebration going this weekend with an eco-friendly gathering, where we will have to lay off the booze so as not to become the drunk girl.

Also, this week was the first week that, at least for a lot of the country, it actually felt like spring—which makes us (and squirrels) want to party!  So throw on that new organic cotton sundress, paint your nails hot pink, and have fun!  Plus, we all know that spring puts us in a sexy mood (you’re probably stalking your crush’s Facebook page while you read this, right?), and now we know exactly how to find that new guy.

With all the fun we’ve been having this week, it’s going to be hard to get back to writing that paper we’ve been putting off. But we must, or we may regret it later.

G.W.W.E.: Yigal “Arouse Me!” Azrouël
G.W.W.E.: Yigal “Arouse Me!” Azrouël
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