Just Because the Snow Melted…

water_skiingI’m a summer girl, through and through. I’ve been waiting for the sun to come out, the wind to die down, and yes, the snow to melt. But I do know a lot of snowboarding, ice skating, White-Christmas-doting ladies who aren’t looking forward to sweat stains, frizzy hair, and putting on a bathing suit before the bikini-bod has been sculpted.

Though I can’t wait to get a little bit of color on my nearly-clear skin, I have to admit, I’m going to miss slipping on my Uggs to mask the fact that I haven’t shaved my legs in three days. But don’t worry- there are some traditions that can still be year-round phenomena.

Just because the snow melted…

…doesn’t mean you need to bare your bod. This is both a pro and a con. You shouldn’t feel the need to be uncomfortable in class because you’re afraid your girls are going to fall out of your hot new halter, but there are a lot of girls on campus who think that sunshine is synonymous with show-us-your-skin. If you’re dreading putting your jiggly triceps on display (I know I am), don’t worry; buy a lightweight cotton three-quarter-length tee and you’ll still be okay. And if you’re the girl who hopes the groundhog doesn’t see its shadow because you’re aching to stop wearing pants, remember: leggings alone are not permissible bottoms.

…doesn’t mean you need an excuse to stay warm. It’s easy to stay in bed and cuddle up with your boyfriend because you don’t want to bear the cold. But who says that summer is going to take away from the romance-factor? If you’ve spent the winter by the fireside, now’s the time to get creative with your man. If you thought the crisp, white, snow-filled countryside was romantic, just wait until your first bonfire snuggle.

…doesn’t mean you have to cease “staying in.” When the temperature suggests that trekking to the bar will also insinuate six-inch icicles hanging from your nostrils, it’s easy to make staying in an excuse. But just because you can finally wear a tube top and not pay for a coat check, it doesn’t mean you need to hit up the bar scene immediately. For one, intimate dorm parties and movie nights are still hella fun. For two, you’ll still save money. And finally, exams are right around the corner. If you’re having fun without an open bar night, why fix what’s not broken?

Writer’s note: as I’m writing this column, my roommate’s boyfriend just pulled himself away from the Nora Roberts Trilogy on Lifetime with the following advice:

…doesn’t mean you won’t fall on your ass. Not necessarily something you WANT to salvage from the fleeting winter, but be warned. Just because it’s not icy out, it doesn’t mean you can skip around campus in heels and not worry about slipping, sliding, and face-planting right in front of your quad. Be careful, folks!

…doesn’t mean you can’t partake in winter sports. Um hello? Ski bunny? Take up water skiing. Figure skater? Go to your closest roller rink. Hockey player? Roller hockey in your driveway, obvi. Besides, there are way more summer sports that you can still participate in. On the plus side? If you’ve been cooped up in an indoor pool all winter, you can look forward to the open water in just a couple more weeks.

Writer’s note: My roommate’s boyfriend just interjected yet again, yelling, “Doesn’t mean you can’t still have snowball fights!” He was trying to be funny, but then we had a moment where we both simultaneously realized the rather disturbing sexual innuendos connected to that assertion. I think I will close here and let you readers share what winter activities you’ll be keeping up through August…

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