Saturday Read: Left Bank by Kate Muir

11013__left_bank_lI’ve officially been re-bitten by the travel bug. During the school year my traveling urges go into a slight hibernation as I am far too busy getting my study on to dream of far off places and the trips I’d like to take. There are times, though, when my studies get too boring and I find myself planning imaginary trips to London, England or Walt Disney World (yes, this is fact. Unfortunately).

Since I don’t have the money to jet-set around the world, I’ve found books set in exotic and foreign destinations are the best way to whet my traveling appetite. They allow me to leave my home without getting out of bed, and cost a fraction of the price of a ticket to Italy. And “Left Bank” by Kate Muir allows me to do all of that while also enjoying a little steamy romance.

The book is set in Paris, France, one of the most desired travel spots on the planet and also one of my top 5 cities. Ever.

Paris is famous for having the River Seine run right through, separating the city into the Right Bank and, you guessed it, the Left Bank. The Left Bank is notorious for playing host to the rich, powerful, snobby and of course, as most Europeans, extremely well-dressed.

Kate Muir takes full advantage of her romantic atmosphere in this novel about a Nanny working for a very rich couple. Anna, the Nanny, takes care of little Sabine Malin, daughter of the famous actress, Madison, and Olivier, a famous philosopher. Of course her escapades as Nanny are fun and entertaining (think “The Nanny Diaries”), but it is her relationships that are the most fascinating part. I won’t spoil the surprise, but her trysts are juicy and ALWAYS scandalous.

However, despite the intriguing plot and a few very tantalizing scenes, the star of this book is simply Paris itself. Muir always notes where the characters are, whether it be near a famous landmark or in a well-known neighborhood. And the reader, regardless if they’ve visited Paris or not, never feels lost or confused because Muir insists on describing it down to the very last pebble.

Because I fell in love with Paris first-hand, it was easy to let Kate Muir’s “Left Bank” carry me back to the city of love. For anyone who has visited, you will revel in the description and wish yourself back there. And if you’ve never been, you better be prepared to book yourself a ticket over once you’ve read “Left Bank.”

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