Make Your Own Vision Board!

We’ve all heard of Vision Boards. Whether it be from The Secret, The Oprah Show, or that crazy chick on The Bachelor who went on and on (and on) about hers the first night she met Jason. And then got kicked off. (But don’t let her bad luck turn you off; it wasn’t the vision board that sent her packing. That bitch was crazy.)

So, what are vision boards?
Vision Boards put your thoughts on paper, and force you to sit down and really evaluate what you want for yourself in the future – be it tomorrow or 2 years from now. And they stop you from going down a path you don’t really want. Not to mention looking at those images every day is a constant reminder of your dreams and goals and makes you that much more motivated to work towards making them a reality.

You can make them big or small. Mini vision boards are great for smaller goals. I have a mini vision board in my kitchen, which reminds me of my goal to stay healthy whenever I’m reaching for the pizza takeout menus. And I have one over my desk, filled with images and words that remind me of my long term academic goals so I don’t stray when I should be studying.

And then there are the biggies – a vision board for your life, filled with what you want to achieve in many aspects of your future: school, career, love, dreams….anything.

How do you make a vision board?
The best part of Vision Boards is the fun you have putting it together. (Oh, and down the road when you fulfill all your life’s goals and dreams…) It’s like art class, only you don’t have that weird Miss Lippy teacher breathing down your neck. Just start saving up some magazines and wait for that perfect rainy Sunday afternoon to put your vision down on poster board. Here are some tips:

1. Start pulling out images, words and quotes from magazines as you’re looking through them and save them in a file for when you make your board. Could be your dream house, your favorite inspiring quote or a picture of someone you want to meet whose inspired you (hello, Jason Segel; you’ve inspired me to want to – um – date you).

2. Make a list of what you REALLY want. I mean sure, we’d all like 12 pairs of Chanel flats but is that really vision-board-worthy? Sit down and write out what you really want for yourself, your career, where you live, who you’re surrounded by, etc.

3. Buy some Coarkboard, a thick poster board, or a pretty frame to put it in. This will make it more apartment decor and less 7th grader collage. And it really would look awesome over your couch, bed, or desk.

4. Don’t be afraid to throw on dates that you want things to happen by! Sounds crazy but as the saying goes, “what you think about, you bring about”

5. I like the idea of a few “themed” vision board –  one for physical/mental health, one for career, one for love, one for random stuff you want (Chanel flats totally approps here!). Breaking the visions down will allow you to really focus in on one area that is particularly important to you.

6. Don’t let others who laugh at you for doing this bring you down. Because they will. But they are just judgemental or dumb or people who suck at life. People who will look at you in awe when your life is falling into place and they are still lost souls looking for some direction.

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Saturday Read: Left Bank by Kate Muir
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