Anthropologie Takes Forever 21 To Court

Charging way too much for cotton since 1983

I was always told that imitation was the finest form of flattery. Mind you, this was back in the day when I was overweight with a perm and the boys in school who were imitating me were definitely not trying to flatter me. Anyways, I grew up believing that to be the case, but it turns out I was wrong.

At least when said imitation is getting in the way of making big money.

Just ask the peeps over at Anthropologie who are suing the homies over at Forever 21 for flattering…. er…. imitating 9 of their designs. They are angry that not only did Forever 21 copy their dresses, but they also sold them at a much lower price, thus stealing some of Anthro’s profits.

Now, I am no business or law student (and proud of it!), so I realize I am not an expert in the world of counterfeit or business models, but I am a savvy shopper who is always on the hunt for a good deal, so I think I can weigh in on this topic. And I have plenty to say.

So here is all I have to say to those snobby, rich and pompous jerks over at Anthro:

Hey, Anthropologie! Maybe if you didn’t charge $200 for a cotton dress that will, without a doubt, tear or get ruined after a single wash, girls like me wouldn’t have to go to Forever 21 to get the cheaper “copy.” We are in a recession, bucko, and while there are certain things that are worth spending a few extra bucks on (like any vodka that isn’t Mohawk), no one is going to buy one of your overpriced garments, regardless if Forever 21 has it for less.

Maybe instead of wasting all your moolah on legal fees, you should just cut your prices a bit. Sell those original designs for what they are worth – not $100 more than what they are worth. Maybe then we’d walk out of the overly bright and cluttered Forever 21’s of the world and into your warm and homey stores that are chock full of adorable (yet painfully overpriced) pieces that we all covet. Through the window. Because there is no way in hell we could ever afford them.

Just a thought…

What do you think? Does Anthro have a right to fight Forever 21, or is this just business? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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