Body Blog: Look Like a Fitness Model With This Workout

Katrina doing the Fitness Model Circuit Workout

Do you ever look at pictures in Shape or Self magazine and wonder how the models get their perfect bodies? Well, most likely they have been Photoshopped to perfection, but in real life, they are not far from it.

When I was in California recently, I was lucky enough to have Karena Dawn, a fitness model, show me and my pal Katrina the workout she used to get in shape for a recent shoot with Shape Magazine. It’s a total body fat burning circuit workout you can complete in just 20 minutes! Try this routine three days a week and you will have a magazine-cover body in no time.

Self Magazine Fitness Model Workout

This workout is 20 minutes, and includes a resistance move followed by 30-60 seconds of cardio, like running up stairs, jumping rope, running, or even jumping jacks. Best part: you do not need any equipment or a gym membership to complete this workout. You have no excuse not to get in shape!

1. Push ups (20 reps)
To make this move more difficult try putting your feet up on a stair. To make it easier, place knees down on the ground.

To make sure you are doing your push ups properly, start out in a table top position with your spine in neutral. Extend one foot back, then the other. If you feel more comfortable placing your hands wider than shoulder width, then feel free to do so for your own comfort.

–  60 seconds of Cardio.
This is up to you. Choose any sort of heart pumping cardio you like and do it up for a full minute.

2.  Jump Squats (20 reps)
With feet hip distance apart, squat down bringing arms down by sides. Once your thighs are parallel to the ground, swing your arms back and jump up raising your hands high above your head. Land on your toes lightly and bend your knees going directly into your next squat. DO NOT lock your knees when you land. Not only does this defeat a lot of the workout, but it is horrible for your joints.

To make this move easier, simple do not jump, just squat.

–  60 seconds of Cardio.

3.  Tummy Tucks (20 reps)
Starting out in plank position (which is the position you’d hold before doing a push up), bring your right knee to your right elbow shifting your core weight with your leg. If this is too hard simply bring knee into chest rather than out to the side.

–  60 seconds of Cardio.

Now find a bench or something that is at least 2 feet off the ground for the last resistance move.

4. Tricep Dip (20 reps)
Place hands on the edge of the bench. For a harder exercise, extend legs out straight. Beginners can keep knees bent. Lift yourself off the bench and hang your butt just a couple inches in front of the ledge. Lower your self down towards the ground using your arms (NOT YOUR LEGS!) and push yourself back up using your triceps. (This is the best workout for getting rid of that unwanted under arm flub.)

–  60 seconds of Cardio.

You have now completed the circuit. Tired? Well, you gotta do it two more times for the full 20 minute workout.

If you are unsure about any of the moves, watch the video version of this workout below. Don’t worry; it’s only 4 minutes, which is just enough time to show you all the moves. Enjoy that rockin’ new body, ladies!


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