I’m Torn: The Monokini

[Life isn’t black and white. As much as we wish we simply loved or hated things, there is often that whole annoying gray area in the middle. Like, we love sales, but we hate how we buy stuff we will never wear. Or how we love the summer, but hate shaving our legs daily. Damn you, gray area; you make decision-making that much more complicated!]

I’ll be the first to admit that I own a ridiculous amount of swimwear for a girl who lives in a state where the temperature reaches 80° for a maximum of three months. We don’t have real beaches, just lakes and pools. I’m not even a swimmer. I just really like bikinis. For the past few summers, however, the monokini has been a fierce alternative to the triangle top and the brazilian cut bottom. But will I actually buy one? Do I even like monokinis? I’m torn.

Love it:
I was first introduced to the concept of a monokini while watching none other than The Simple Life, when a non-emaciated Nicole Richie rocked the look while auditioning to be a mermaid at an amusement park in Florida. (Well, actually Paris was a mermaid; Nic was a turtle, but same difference.) After swimming, she pulled a denim mini over her suit and went clubbing. Swimsuit and sexy club top? Can’t (or at least shouldn’t) be done with a basic bikini. But with a monokini you’re getting two looks in one!

Aside from that, however no one can deny that monokinis are fierce and moderately new summer look. The fact that many girls haven’t tried the trend means that if you rock one, you’ll probably be getting a lot of looks on the beach. Monokinis are fierce because of their peek-a-boo sexiness. When you wear one, you’re not showing your entire body off, but you’re definitely hinting at and highlighting it. That being said, monokinis may be a good alternative for girls wanting more coverage than a classic bikini would provide without wearing a once piece or tankini.

Loathe It:
Two words: Tan. Lines.

Just think about what would happen – tan sides and cleavage, but one weird stomach. If you spend a day in a mono and want to switch it up to a bikini the next, it’s bound to look awkward. Speaking of awkward, it seems like if you have a normal body, monokinis are hard to look good in. Round tummy? It’s just going to accentuate it. Big hips? They’ll be very apparent in the hip-baring styles. Monokinis seem like they’d be a great option for the super-toned or super model type, but I’m not so sure that they’d be flattering to girls with regular bodies.

Lastly, while monokinis come in all different varieties – some cut out drastically on the sides and front leaving just a strip of fabric connecting the bottoms and the top, some just cut out the sides, and others have modified triangle tops built into a deep V– the customization isn’t anything like a bikini. If you’re wearing a two piece, you can usually buy a small top and medium bottoms, or a large top and small bottoms. Your tops and bottoms don’t even have to match! What happens if you want to wear a monokini and you have big boobs? Or a long torso? Or a curvy butt? In these cases, monokinis seem like wardrobe malfunctions waiting to happen…

But maybe that’s just me.

Have any of you ladies tried a monokini? Do you find them flattering? Comfortable? Or is it a trend you hate? Let us know in the comments!

Thank You, Swine Flu!
Thank You, Swine Flu!
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