Pack it Up, We’re Movin’ Out!

College pet peeve #582. We are required to move out of the dorms 24 hours after our last final. Theoretically, you should be spending your last week or two studying. Not packing. And what if you finish exams mid-week and your ‘rents can’t drive up to haul your stuff home because, you know, they have jobs?

Packing at the end of the semester is a bitch. But, on the bright side, it’s still better than the cleaning that comes after packing. Make your life easier by getting a head start on moving out for the summer, by following these simple suggestions!

1. Clean up after yourself.

I am guilty of letting things slide when I’m stressed. I procrastinate on everything from vacuuming to bringing the 57 empties from last night’s dorm party to the recycling bin. However, if you take five seconds (okay, five minutes, tops) out of your day to clean up the little things, you won’t have so much clutter-slash-junk-slash-trash to wade through when you’re trying to round up the stuff you actually want to keep.

2. Start with the shizz you don’t need.

Um, winter’s just about over. Pack up your thick sweaters, and save just one for a fluke springtime cold. Throw in half of your towels and pajamas, and vow to do laundry more often. All of those notebooks you bought when you thought your lab would be difficult, but haven’t been opened since they left the bookstore? Pack them. The posters on your walls? They can go, too. Nobody’s really judging your dorm that much.

The more you can pack up here and there, the less you’ll be scrambling to cram into a couple of suitcases and three Yaffa Blocks 20 minutes before your ETD.

3. Stop. Buying. New. Stuff.

Seriously, if you’ve made this far through the year, you can live without whatever impulse-buy doodad caught your eye in the checkout counter. It’s just going to be more to lug later.

4. Make a few trips.

If you are fortunate enough to have a car on campus and be driving distance from the folks, start now. Load up your car, go home for some of Mom’s famous homestyle mashed potatoes, and drop a sh*tload of boxes in her living room, where they will sit…until May (or maybe even September when it’s time to go BTS).

5. Don’t get trashed the night before move-out…unless you’re totally ready to go.

If you’ve been neglecting these tips and plan to throw everything together an hour before your RA comes to check you out, you could be in trouble. Finishing that last exam might feel like a load off, but there’s nothing worse than being hungover-or still drunk- and trying to throw your life into a few boxes while on a time limit. You’ll break things, you won’t pack up with any given order (hence your beer mugs will be packed away with your underwear, and your PJ’s will be underneath your text books), and your clothes will be so wrinkled when you finally unpack at home that you’ll be late to your hometown reunion because you had to spend 20 minutes ironing. Besides, anything you accidentally leave behind becomes your roommate’s territory.

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