Day-to-Night Styler: Spring is in the Air

So spring has (finally!) sprung and I don’t know about you, but for me that means pulling out all those cute sundresses, sandals and the rest of my spring/summer wardrobe that I love so much (and, hey, adding a few pieces to the mix as well).   So in honor of spring, I figured I’d focus this week’s day-to-night styler on a basic sundress that can be easily converted into a stylish and sassy outfit for the evening.

This dress from Forever 21 is totally cute and flattering for a number of different body types. It’s long enough to sport to class or while running around town with mom, but sexy enough to dress up for later. And, better yet, at $11.50 a pop, you can buy it in more than one color.  I love the pink, blue and purple for spring.

Pair it with a pair of comfy, yet totally stylish silver sandals for those jaunts to class. I love these sandals because they are extremely comfortable and cheap, but much hotter than your average pair of Old Navy flips.

When it comes to daytime accessories, you obvi don’t want to go over-the-top-I’m-trying-too-hard. Plus, keeping it simple means getting a few more minutes of snooze time. Just go light with the extras and you will look perfectly put together for class.

I am loving this dainty and stylish hummingbird necklace and it’s the perfect way to accessorize without overpowering the neckline of the dress. And hey, at less than $5, it’s a great and inexpensive piece that’ll go well with all sorts of summer wear. I’m also a huge advocate for the simplicity and versatility of hoop earrings for all occasions and this pair brings a new twist onto this classic.

Now when it’s time to head out for the evening, all you need is a quick shoe change and the addition of a cocoon top cardigan and you’re set.

Gray is a great neutral color that looks fantastic with the brights and pastels of spring/summer. It will instantly glam up that cotton dress, taking it from “boring lecture” to “bumpin’ beer garden.”

These wedges will not only be more comfy than a pair of stilettos, but the detail in the fringe and grommets gives this shoe the perfect amount of sexiness to really punch up the outfit.  And since Payless is having one of their BOGO (buy one, get one 1/2 off) sales, you can get both pairs of shoes (see above!)  for under $50. Not sure there is any better news.

This outfit is an easy way to look fabulous for any occasion, and hey, who knows, maybe you’ll even find your spring fling while you’re in it.

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Do It Yourself Tuesdays: The Photo Cube
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