Do It Yourself Tuesdays: The Photo Cube

photo-cube[Ever see something you want but don’t have the money to buy? Ever get sick of studying/watching TV and have the urge to get crafty and make things on your own? We know! Us too! We just don’t know where to start, which is why we got some of CollegeCandy’s craftiest writers to share their favorite DIY projects with everyone. So get to your nearest craft store for the essentials and let’s make some fun sh*t.]

The semester is coming to a close and I can’t help but feeling a bit nostalgic. I’ve been going through my photos, reminiscing and getting a little misty that I have to leave these people in just a few more weeks. As I sat in my dorm room, weeping in front of my laptop, I started wondering why I don’t take advantage of all the pictures I’ve accumulated over the years. Of course I have the obligatory photo collage, a few in frames, and a few for the wall of shame, but that doesn’t even make a dent in the Facebook photo albums.

So I’ve been searching high and low for cool new ways to display the shrine of my college years and fell in love with the photo cube. Simple, modern and chic, it looks like something straight out of an Ikea catalogue. But don’t bother buying it because its easy enough to do it yourself.


  • 6 Photographs (multiples of 6 if you want to make more than one cube)
  • Photo paper
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape or glue
  • Ruler
  • Pin (optional)


  1. Before you print your photos, crop each one into a 4×4 square.
  2. Print each photo on 4×6 photo paper, setting your preferences so that your photo will print in the center of the photo paper.
  3. Cut the corners off (diagonal cut) the extra inch that is on either side of your photo. This will leave a trapezoid-shaped paper flap on either side of your photo.
  4. Slap a piece double-sided sticky tape on each flap, cutting the edges so they are even with (read: the same exact shape as) your trapezoid flaps. Get the tape as close to the actual photo as possible.
  5. Here’s the tricky part, you need to lay out your photos in a way that will leave you with a cube. To end up with a cube, you will need to lay them out in a “t” shape (that’s a lower case “t,” people) – a line of 4 photos with 1 photo on either side of  the second photo.  Use this diagram to help figure out the flaps. Make sure you pay attention to what photos will be next to each other.
  6. Stick the flaps together. The last few flaps will be the hardest, so try using a pin or knife to get the last pieces stuck together. Be neat! The closer and straighter your lines are, the better it will look.
  7. You now have your photo cube. You may want to weigh it down if you’re leaving it on your desk, or you could hang it with some fishing wire. (Note: this also makes a great grad/end-of-the-year gift – personal and oh-so-cheap.)
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