The Transfer Blues

As the semester comes to an end, I  can’t help but stress about the upcoming fall semester. In a few short weeks, I will be graduating from my two year community college with an associates degree and, come September, I will be walking onto unfamiliar territory at my new university.

Of course I am excited that I will no longer have to wake up 2 hours before my class to get onto 2 over-crowded and always-late buses to get to school. I will finally get to move out of my parents house and have what most people call the “real college experience.” I will, at last,  get to prove to my parents that I can survive away from home.

However, I can’t help but be consumed by thoughts about various things relating to this upcoming experience.

First, there’s the whole roommate situation. I’ve never lived out of my house, let alone in a small room with a stranger. Thankfully, my friend who is transferring to the same uni as I has agreed to be my roommate. But I’m still a little nervous. I’m not used to sharing my space with anyone and I’ve heard that it is unwise to be roomies with your friends, as you may end up hating each other in the end. Will I end up calling my mom in tears after a giant fight with her over using up the milk?

Then there’s the thing about making new friends all over again. When you enter a new school as a transfer student, I feel like it’s more difficult than entering as a freshman because people will already know each other. They will have their friends already and I’ll just be that weird new girl that no one knows.

And then there’s the downside of living on campus. At a commuter community college, it doesn’t really matter if you hate your lab partner or classmate because you just have to deal with them for about three hours a week. But when home is the same place as school, there is no getting away. What if I have to live on the same floor as that annoying classmate and see them all. the. time?

Then come the parties and night life. Living with my kinda strict parents means that I don’t get to party as often as I can, and I definitely cannot stumble in after 4am reeking of a brewery and leading some drunken stranger from the bar into my room. Will I be able to handle the freedom that comes with leaving my parents? Or will I end up being labeled the “crazy-always-drunk-transfer-girl?”

There is so much going through my mind right now and I’m really freaking out. Anyone got any tips? Anyone else dealing with the transfer blues?

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