Fashionably Techie: Tech for The Real World

Remember when you started college and you got a bunch of cool new stuff? Everything was shiny and new and you were off on a great adventure. A lot has changed since then. Now you’re all disillusioned by jerky professors and “real world” problems. Oh, and your laptop is an antique.

Many of you are thisclose to the end of your college days [weep], which means it’s time to upgrade your shiz for the next phase of your life. But what do you need? And which products are the best?

Look no further; I’m here for your graduating shopping needs. I can’t teach you how to survive out there – because I’m a few credits away from that awful place – but I can help you with that graduation wish list to hand off to the parentals.

Please hold your applause until the end.

1) New computer

You seriously probably still need one of these if you kept the same one for all four (+) years of college. No matter how much you loved that thing, the fact that it weighs 11 pounds and burns your legs when you’re using it means it’s time to let it go. Most real worlders will be spending most of their time at work, so your laptop doesn’t need to have as many bells and whistles as it used to. The mini book is slightly limited in its uses, but it’s small and cute and totally portable. And it can get you onto Facebook, iTunes and AIM, so what more do you need?

If you want something fancier, go with the MacBook. It has a built in camera that will let you chat face to face with your friends, which will be perfect for re-creating the weekend Morning After Recap from afar.

2) Smart Phone

You’ve wanted a Blackberry/iPhone/G1 forever, and now is the time to go for it. You are going to be hella busy out there in real life, so having your calendar, email, phone, music and Facebook updates all coming with you wherever you go is imperative. Especially when you want to sneak out of the office for some happy hour drinks without missing any messages from the boss man.

3) A year subscription to Xbox Live

Ok, this seems random and it will only work if you actually play 360, but the real world is stressful and you’re going to need something to de-stress. Since your friends will mostly be spread all over the country, this is the best way to keep in touch… while owning them in the game.

4) A GPS system.

If you’re moving to a new place for that sick new job (which, by the way, is a major accomplishment in this economy), you are going to need to know where to go. You could stop at the gas station every day to get directions (and a Diet Coke), or you could put this puppy on your dashboard and get everywhere you need to go on time. This will also come in handy when you want to road trip back to school for homecoming, or take a weekend drive to reunite with the roomies.

5) A Flip Cam

Personally, I think everyone should have one of these to document the most memorable (or drunkest) moments in undergrad, but if you haven’t forked over the cash for one just yet, get granny and gramps to do it. This camera is smaller than your regular digi, but holds up to 60 minutes of footage and just fits right into the USB port of your computer for easy uploading. Pair that with iMovie on a MacBook and you could be a YouTube sensation (or superstar among your friends) in no time.

The real world is scary, but fun new toys make it so much more fun.
Good luck out there! (Now you can clap.)

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