Girl Crush: Nicole Richie

[There are some women out there that we just can’t get out of our minds. No, we aren’t switching teams – yet – but we do have some serious crushes on some pretty fierce females. These ladies are all special in their own right and we aren’t ashamed to tell the world we love them.]

Since her debut on the ridiculous reality series The Simple Life in 2003, Nicole Richie has been one of the most intriguing socialites to watch. Soon after entering the celebrity sphere, she was arrested for possession of heroin while driving with a suspended license. Three years later, she was detained for driving down a California highway in the wrong direction (high on Vicodin and marijuana… oops?) and slammed with a DUI.

Now, she is the mother of one (and expecting a second), the designer of a vintage jewelry line, and longtime girlfriend to Good Charlotte rocker, Joel Madden. With a loosely autobiographical novel under her belt and a small role in the recent hit movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic, Richie seems to have made it big.

Talk about a turnaround.

I love Nicole Richie, adopted daughter of crooner Lionel, because she defines transformation. Throughout the beginning seasons of The Simple Life, it’s safe to say that our girl Nicole was a hot mess. Appearing alongside BFF Paris Hilton with horrible highlights and making seriously unfortunate wardrobe choices, she landed a spot on Hollywood´s wild-child list where her reputation plummeted.

Shortly after that, Nikki, now age 27, decided to join Lindsay Lohan´s eating issues club and lost what looked like 100 pounds. She was often snapped by photogs looking like a boy fresh out of elementary school or the winning contestant on Survivor.

Somehow, though, Richie got it together.

Today, Nicole is happy, healthy, and well-respected. Gone with her awful highlights are her partying ways and negative image. She has earned her place among the young Hollywood style icons with an innovative wardrobe combining hippie-chic and classic elegance. In my opinion, she gave birth to the enormous-sunglass-trend that has still not died out…and that I am a devoted a fan of. And she has given birth to a beautiful baby girl named Harlow, which her jewelry line (House of Harlow) is named after. The line just exemplifies Richie’s style and invites the rest of us to try it on for ourselves.

To top it all off, snarky and hilarious Richie and Hilton are friends again after months of intense feuding, which I know makes us (at least secretly) all happy. What is Hollywood without a pair of ridiculous BFFs?

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