NYU Doesn’t Want Poor Kids

While everyone at NYU dresses like they are homeless hipsters, it turns out that they can’t be,

1) Because NYU costs $50,000 a year to attend, and
2) Because NYU hates poor people.

And by “poor people,” I mean anyone who may need a little financial aid.

The New York Post reports that admissions counselors at NYU recently gave a big “Eff You” to 1,700 potential students whose financial aid packages may not have been enough to cover their yearly tuition. Why did they call? Well,  NYU claims the calls were to help those students out, but the real message: find another school.

Even more upsetting? Students who would be the first in their families to go to college were more likely to make it onto this phone tree.

So much for being open, diverse and a school of liberal thought. NYU cares more about the ching ching than the molding of young, brilliant minds.

Oh, NYU; have we learned nothing from Pretty Woman?
Big mistake. Huge.

You could be turning away the next Steve Jobs, Sergey Brin, or CollegeCandy editor!

If I were on that call list, I’d take my money and go elsewhere.
I’m not spending 4 years where I’m not wanted!

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