Spring is in the Bag: Spring 2009 Handbag Trends

So it’s a new season and that means new trends on all fronts, including one of my personal faves: handbags!

This season keep your eyes open for some of the usual suspects (oversized bags, clutches and pops of color), some rollover from the fall (fringe) and some new looks (well, not necessarily new, but trends we haven’t seen in a while).

Here are some of the biggest bag trends of spring/summer 2009…

Workin’ on the Chain Gang:
Chain bags are a classic look that are making a huge comeback this season.  From Chanel’s classic chain bag to Prada’s modernized chunky plastic chains, chain bags are all over the place this season.  But, for all you recessionistas out there, it’s not necessary to spend exorbitant amounts of cash to have one of these babies.  There are plenty of reasonably priced options out there if you look in the right places: there are great looks (inspired by designer bags) at  fashionjunkee.com and, as always, Target never fails to offer cute and trendy looks at extremely low prices.

Simply Black & White:
We’re going back to basics this season with simple black & white and it never looked so good.  You can go with any number of styles and prints, but two tone is a fun and simple way to add spunk to your look. You can also brighten it up a bit by having a black & white bag that has a pop of color thrown in.

The Bold and the Beautiful:
As we saw in clothes and shoes this season, brights are all the rage, and bold, bright colors in bags are a great way to add some zazoom to any ensemble. But you don’t want to over-do it; these bags work best when paired with a neutral outfit, not one that is chock full of equally bold and bright elements. Yellows, oranges and blues are best when it comes to bold color palettes for this spring/summer.

They Might Be Giants:
As has been the case for several seasons, oversized bags are super popular.  If you want a great way to carry more than just your lipstick, ID and credit cards when you go out at night, try an oversized clutch.

Following in fall’s footsteps, the popular fringe bag is still around. Being that this is a very obvious statement, remember to choose neutrals as they’re bound to last longer and be more versatile.

Dream Weaver:
Spring and summer have a light-hearted and breezy feel and what better way to get that feeling than by carrying a woven bag.  Straw always gives a beachy feel to things, but you can also get a spring look with woven leather in a bright color.

No matter which trend you choose to go with this spring or summer, don’t forget to have fun and keep it LIGHT!

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