Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Everything’s Coming Up Vanessa Hudgens

Let’s cut to the chase. Vanessa Hudgens looks cute. I mean the girl could wear a potato sack and look cute. but here’s the good news: you don’t need to be dating a man with better side swept bangs than mine in order to attain this level of cuteness. I know!! So exciting.

Anyways, Hudgens works this season’s floral trend perfectly. And it’s not easy; there are three different levels of floral patterns and if you pick the wrong one, it could be a fashion disaster. What are they?

1) The cheap, horribly tacky looking kind
2) The kind that looks like your grandmother’s couch. Or your grandmother’s floral skirt. And matching floral vest.
3) The really, really cute kind.

With color and patterns being EVERYWHERE this season it’s really easy to become desensitized to it all and, before you know it, you’re sporting a fabric that is best suited covered in plastic with a remote control and the year 1977 attached to it. So leave it to me – and, uh, V. Hudge – to help you sort through the bubbie looks to find the floral must-haves.

Here is this week’s Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Everything’s Coming Up Vanessa Hudgens.

Mini’s are everywhere, so it’s easy to find one that best suits your body type. A bit higher waisted with a tank tucked in is flattering on just about everyone, whereas a fitted mini, a bubble, a looser fit or an a-line depends on your body type.

You really don’t need to buy a new tank, but it’s always a good idea to have a crisp and clean one if it’s a main piece in your look (armpit stains are not the finest accessory). This one  is easy and casual and perfect for summer. And the white will only enhance that sun kissed glow of yours.

Fringe bag
This is the perfect “It totally looks like I’m a carefree hippie, but I’m really not” type bag. Not that you are trying to be something else; you are just looking for the perfect look to enhance your so-relaxed-in-the-Summer look.

A big pendant completes adds a little extra flair and totally brings the look together.


The gold or camel-y brown go great with this look. Easy to throw on and go! If you are going for more of an evening look, just throw on a neutral pair of pumps. Voila! Florals done oh so right.

Who knows? Maybe this look will get you your very own boy with perfect abs, eyes and side-swept bangs….

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