Day-to-Night Styler: The Romper Room

This spring and summer we’re once again returning to our playground days with the romper/jumpsuit trend coming back for another season.  While this look can teeter on juvenile, if done properly it can be an adorable daytime look that quickly switches over to a sexy evening style.

I know a lot of people aren’t the biggest fan of rompers, but to be honest, I L-O-V-E this look and know I can convince you to feel the same. I have a few rompers in my closet already, but  I may just have to add another one to my collection,  because this baby is too cute for words (and reasonably priced as well!):

For day:
The romper already has great detail work – the wash, the cinching at the top, and the belt – so it won’t take much to get this look ready for the day. Pair it with some cute gold jewelry and bright colored huarache sandals for a cheerfully sunny look.

For Night:
When the sun goes down, vamping up this look is a cinch! Start by unbuttoning the top button to reveal a little cleavage (you vixen, you) and make a quick shoe change. Wedges will emphasize your sexy gams, give rompers a flirty, retro look and the pop of color will just make the whole look more springtime fabulous. And the best part: they are comfortable to boot!

You can stick with the daytime accessories, or add a fun cocktail ring for a little more oomph. And that’s it. You’re done and ready to play.

Warning: Scam Artists Hit Facebook
Warning: Scam Artists Hit Facebook
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