College Candy’s School’s Out! Playlist

Okay, so maybe I’m jumping the gun here a little bit, but I am SO effing unbelievably ready for summertime! I am itching to return all my boring, barely cracked textbooks to the book store to receive less than 10% what I paid for them and bubble in the last circle on my Scantron before my brain explodes with information I will probably not remember in a week.

Finals are killer and, really, the only thing keeping me going right now, besides multiple grande caramel frappucinnos, is imagining that in a few weeks I will be dreamily grillin’ poolside while sipping strawberry margaritas and donning sparkly flip flops.

So, even if summer is a miniature blip on your radar right now, I hope this playlist of chill tunes will keep you sane. Seriously ladies, summer is so close I can almost feel the peeling, dry skin on my uber pasty shoulders. Oh summer, you can’t come soon enough.

Summertime..and the livin’s easy at CC. Listen here.

Fashionably Techie: Kindle Your Love of Reading
Fashionably Techie: Kindle Your Love of Reading
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