Girl Crush: Emma Watson

[There are some women out there that we just can’t get out of our minds. No, we aren’t switching teams – yet – but we do have some serious crushes on some pretty fierce females. These ladies are all special in their own right and we aren’t ashamed to tell the world we love them.]

As a self-proclaimed Harry Potter nerd, I’m super excited for the next movie to be released in July.  After watching all the trailers multiple times, (as well as recent TV viewing of the older movies), one of the actors has me crushing.  While I was always drawn to Harry Potter in the books, in the movies it’s Hermione, played by the fabulous Emma Watson, that caught my eye.

Emma Watson was cast as Hermione at the ripe age of 9 and has really grown up (into one hot tamale) in the spotlight. Unlike her other under-20 peers, though, she’s grown up right. The worst things we’ve seen of her are some awkward fashion choices and picture of her drinking a beer; not her lady parts sticking out under a skirt, or her doing some illegal drugs in a bathroom.

So Emma is more than deserving of her position at #15 on the Forbes 20 Top Earning Young Superstars in 2007. The girl is worth $16 million!

Like our many other girl crushes, Emma has brains that could rival those of the character that made her famous.  It’s reported that she’s going to take an acting hiatus after Harry Potter wraps and will either be going to Yale or Brown in the fall.  Her backup plan is to be an artist, though with all that money in the bank and the rumors that she’s going to be the next face of Chanel, I’m not sure she needs a backup plan.

But back to why I love her.

I think Emma Watson is truly a great role model for young women. She is well spoken, talented, beautiful and totally devoted to the family that has always supported her. She even starred in a TV movie, Ballet Shoes, with her twin half-sisters playing the younger version of her character.  And we are always seeing her photographed at premieres with her adorable little brother (who I’d love to kick to the curb so I could walk the red carpet with her!).

Oh, and she loves the older men. While rumors have constantly been surfacing about her having a relationship with one of her co-stars, Emma is just friends with the other members of the Golden Trio. (Editor’s Note: Which means Ron Weasley is available for me?!) Instead, Emma has recently been linked to a financier nine years her senior.  And yes, he may be older, but this girl is totally an old soul so it all just seems to fit.

Emma Watson proves that you can have success in Hollywood and not turn into a totally hot mess. She seems like the kind of girl we’d all want to be friends with and, hey, that whole accent thing isn’t too bad, either. I heart Emma Watson and if she’s reading this, I’d totally heart a day in her closet.

I’m adding that to my vision board.

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