Say It Ain’t So, Jon Gosselin!

So, anyone who isn’t hiding out in the library cramming for exams/living in a cycle of school’s-out-so-let’s-drink-our-faces-off and OMG-I’m-so-hungover-from-drinking-my-face-off has heard the reports that Jon Gosselin (of our absolute favorite TV show, Jon and Kate Plus Eight) is getting drunk and bangin’ bitches.

Bitches that aren’t his wife.

We can’t quite explain it, but this news has left us devastated. We love that family. We actually love them a lot more than we love our own family, mostly because we don’t have 8 half-Asian siblings running around being totally cute. The thought of them breaking up because pops got married and had kids too young and now can’t keep his pants on really makes us sad.

Even if we do sorta see why he’d do it – Kate is so mean to him! He just needs someone to say nice things to him… and maybe not cut him off every time the man wants to speak.

But is it true? We aren’t really sure what to believe. We know the tabloids will do anything to keep their circulation up (their business has been dwindling), but they can’t print blatant lies! And there are photos!

What do you think? Is Jon cheating on Kate plus 8, or is this all one giant misunderstanding?

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