Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Kate Bosworth Rocks The White

kate-bosworth-topshop-06Kate Bosworth is totally rocking the white denim. Which, in case you’ve neglected to look at ANY fashion magazine or read anything on this website in the past year and a half, is a major fashion trend. And not only is it a trend – it’s an adorably cute summer one.

I know what you’re thinking: white denim can only be pulled off by the super-skinny-I-say-I-eat-cookies-but-I-really-only-‘eat’-water-I-totally-have-you-fooled! type of girls. But I’m here to tell you you’re wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

White denim can be worn by almost anyone given that you wear it the RIGHT way. I generally recommend going one size up when wearing white pants. Also, look at your body type; if your legs are short, if you are bottom heavy or if you just feel your  legs are not your best asset, don’t go for super skinny, super tight white pants. Stick to a boot cut, wide leg or flare. Also, pair it with a top that flows well with the bottom, A pattern is great because it brings the eye up. And don’t forget to keep the shoe neutral so that it blends and looks monochromatic. Black patent shoes paired with white jeans will only draw the eye down.

And lastly, please, for the love of g-d, don’t wear a thong if the fabric is thin. There is nothing worse than white pants accessorized with too much jiggle in your wiggle. It turns your cute little sashay down the street to anything butt (extra T intended).

So here is this week’s Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Kate Bosworth Rocks The White:

White pants
These ankle jeans are perfect for summer and great to show off a cute flat. Or, the fuller leg of this second pair gives a more casual feel. You can wear them with flats or throw on a wedge. Great for us hippier girls as well.

gap whitegap white 2

Floral top
Here are two great options that just scream wear me while brunching outside with a mimosa. Okay twist my arm if you must…

flower top1 flower top 2

Keep it neutral since the floral pattern on the shirt is busier


A cream flat or a neutral (ADORB) sandal. Both cute. Both cheap. And both are white wardrobe essentials.

flat sandal

These are just painfully chic.


Hot Arm Candy
You may just want to try this.

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