G.W.W.E.: Ryan “Wrap Me Up” Reynolds

We’re back with another edition of G.W.W.E. (Guys We Wanna Eff)!

As of 10:30 am today, I have handed in my last paper, completed my last final exam, and have shaken off the stress of another academic year.  I’ve been waiting for this moment for weeks—not only for the bliss of summer, but for my date tonight. That’s right, I’ve got my box of popcorn and a matinee tickets to X-Men Origins: Wolverine, with none other than hunky Ryan Reynolds.

You’d have to be a heartless (er, vagina-less?) beast to not want to eff RR. His chisled bod and perfect pearly whites are the stuff of every warm-blooded female’s fantasy. I just Googled his pics to find one to use in this article, and there is literally page after page of bare-chested wonderment. Who said there was no such thing as free porn? (Editor’s Note: Mmmmmm.)

Besides his current feature in X-Men (which opened this week has already sparked rumors of a spinoff film for his character) Reynolds has starred in Smokin’ Aces and Definitely Maybe. But let’s not forget my personal favorite (and perhaps his best-known role), stealing the show in National Lampoon’s Van Wilder.

Reynolds has been my favorite campus hottie since I saw Van Wilder in 2002. After watching the suave and cunning Reynolds charm all the ladies, I too wanted to date the big man on campus. But my eighth-grade fantasies clearly were not the stuff of my present-day, sweatpants-and-under-eye-circles reality (let’s just say I’m not catching the eye of any frat pack types around here, okay?). So tonight, I reunite with the chiseled hunk, hoping that his sharp-eyed gaze can look past my post-finals funk and reward my hard work with some hard effing…if only in my dreams.

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