The CC Weekly Weigh In: Love You, Mama!

Most of us don’t appreciate our mothers as much as we should. In fact, I’m pretty sure Kanye West was the only person ever to truly idolize and appreciate everything his mother did for him. I mean, the guy wrote her a song! And what did you do? Buy the woman some almost-dead tulips?!

Not only did those women push us out of their very narrow birth canal, but they’ve been doting on us ever since. Mothers have the hardest job in the world (2nd hardest: working in a chocolate shop and not eating any) and are constantly called upon to do more and more and more.

And they do it with grace.

Yet, they also usually do it without thanks. So, in honor of Mother’s Day this Sunday, I called upon the CollegeCandy writers to share their favorite things about the most important woman in their lives: mama. Because no matter how annoying she can get (especially now that she’s on Facebook), your mama loves you and you gotta show that love right back.

Share your love for mom in the comments section below (then show mom your comment as a nice, free Mother’s Day Gift….awwwww).

Leah – Ryerson University: She comes and picks me up whenever I need a ride, even if I’m out late, drunk and barely able to tell where I am.

Charlsie – Hollins: She never makes sense and now I know where my nonsensical self comes from.

Kayla – California State University, Sacramento: My mom is obsessed with rearranging her furniture. If I try to sit on the couch in the dark, I’ll fall because she moved the couch clear across the room.

Brithny – Duke:
My mom is a triple threat- she’s Emeril in the kitchen, Martha Stewart in the living room, and Donald Trump in the board room.

Lauren – University of Michigan: My mom calls me 5 times a day to keep me up to date on the important things happening back home like, “The dog pooped in your closet,” or, “DSW has really cute purses!” Did I mention these calls start at 8am on Saturday mornings?!

Kathryn S.: When I was like six and didn’t know what “Fag” meant, I called my brother one.  My mom lectured me on the fact that it’s a very hurtful word.  I was raised an ally before gay rights were even on the radar!

Erica – Kent State
: My mom is shorter than me (I’m 4’10” you can imagine how small she is!) but she has the biggest personality of anyone I know & says that her short stature is actually what forced her to be so driven, outspoken & assertive. Kinda inspirational, I think.

Elizabeth – UC Berkeley
: My Mom is the most caring and selfless person I know.  And she can burp on cue!  That’s what I call skills.

Thu – USC: My mom occasionally experiments in the kitchen and being the food lover that I am, I end up trying her creations. Some are winners, others are not.

Sarah- Virginia Commonwealth University: My mom can correctly diagnose the patients on TLC’s “Mystery Diagnosis”… within the first 10 minutes of the show. The woman’s an English major, but apparently has a knack for diagnosing obscure illnesses that have stumped doctors for years.

Sarabeth – University of Texas: My mom is a bit awkward in that she responds to my Facebook wall posts via the notification email. Love ya mom!

Carly – Grinnell
: My mom could play cards with me for HOURS. It makes me so happy.

Elise – Stanford: She always makes sure I say “Rabbit Rabbit” first thing when I wake up on the first of the month for good luck! And she’ll read my horoscope to me over the phone constantly.

Maddie – Tufts: I love my mom because she still proofreads my papers, and also because she continues to suggest that I try on her size 24 jeans even though she knows that’s not ever going work out in this lifetime.

Sara C- Fordham: My mother is a full-time grad student who also holds down a full-time job–not to mention taking care of my younger brother and sister, making dinner, doing laundry, etc. Every time I think I’ve reached my work capacity, I remember that my mom is balancing so much more (and she still has a better GPA than me!). She’s my motivation!

Kelly – Simmons University: My mom splurges on luxuries like weekly massages, but is incredibly cheap when it comes to the essentials. She’ll only buy generic brand tampons and disposable razors. It drives me crazy when I run out of razor blades and end up cutting up my legs with her crappy disposables! But I love her anyway, of course.

K – GWU: I feel comfortable enough to tell her “I fell down a flight of steps at a frat house last night” but she is still my mom and tells me to get my act together, without judging me. Gerri is the bomb!

Danielle – Boston University: My mom is hot and I’m so glad to have her genes. She seriously looks like she’s 35.

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