Board Games and Booze: You Can’t Go Wrong!

We’ve all played the typical card-related party games: Kings, F*** the Dealer, Up and Down the River. We’ve also played games that require plastic Solo cups and a lot of clean-up: Flip Cup, Beer Pong, Beirut. But there is still a world of party entertainment out there that remains in the shadows of these Drinking Game Giants.

Sure, you can play football, baseball, or basketball while under the influence, but you might find yourself missing the ball and falling over. The following are some tried and tested drinking games that will let you unleash your inner child… even though your ID reads 21+.


Drinking Jenga, that is. Write some rules on each block, e.g. “Drink two,” “Pass out three,” or “Categories,” (feel free to hi-jack your favorite rules from Kings and its counterparts), and see how long it takes for your balance and your vision to be so blurred you can’t help but topple the tower. What makes this one so much fun? Place a yard cup in the center of the table, and invite everyone to pour their drinks in at their leisure, especially if everyone’s drinking something different. Whoever ends the game has to drink the alcohol soup in the cup.

Girl Talk

Dust off your seventh grade slumber party favorite and try playing it with booze. Instead of zit stickers, take a drink. You’ll be surprised how entertaining the “future cards” can be now that you’re all grown up…and half in the bag. If the GT dares aren’t thrilling enough, have everyone write down a few of their own dares and play. This one is great to play while leisurely sipping fruity cocktails.

Apples to Apples

This is my personal newest obsesh. Best game ever. This one doesn’t need to be a “drinking game,” per say, but if you play it while drinking, you’ll never want to put it down. Everyone gets five red cards with random adjectives on them. In turn, each player then takes a green card, which usually consists of a noun. Every player puts whichever red card they possess that best goes with the green card, and the player who drew the green card chooses the best red card and rewards the winner with the green card. With cards like “Viagra,” “rope burn,” and “Penn and Teller,” the possibilities are endless…and bizarre. To get your BAC up quicker, let the Green Card winners take a shot at the end of each round.


Do I really need to explain the pros (and/or cons) of drinking Twister?


See how creative (and potentially inappropriate) you can get when your inhibitions are lowered. Of course, just because your language is slurring doesn’t mean you can spell your words with a few extra R’s, and things might get a little bit raucous when people start making up words that make sense only in their drunken minds.


If you thought intoxicated beer pong players got competitive and aggressive, just see what happens when a group of inebriated college students bump little plastic pawns all over a board. Sorry! is one of the most fun games that I remember from childhood, and a few brews will only amplify its awesomeness. When your piece lands on a slide and you get to move ahead a few extra spaces, you may or may not lose control and jump up and down as if you’ve hit the jackpot. But hey, it’s only a game, right?

If you’re still on break, I encourage you to break into your parents’ attic and try to dust off some of your former favorite rainy day games. Make up your own rules to put a grown-up twist on board games, games of chance, or even Dream Phone! It’s a great way to beat the winter break blues, just before you get back to hard partying ways in the dorms. Anybody have any particular favorites?

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