It’s Raining, It’s Pouring, Fashion Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

They say April showers bring May flowers – so while we’re waiting for those flowers to bloom and for summer to mosey its long lazy days our way, why not have some rainy springtime fun? I know it sucks when it rains and you have to trek across campus with fingers crossed that your hair won’t frizz, but with these latest styles, at least you can put a little spring in your step.

Umbrella(ella ella)s:
First and foremost, umbrellas are a necessity in the rain. They may seem like a hassle to carry around, but with different styles ranging from purse size to Mary-Poppin’s-sized umbrellas, there is no need to get wet.

Looking for something standard? Try Raindrops for all your practical umbrella needs – this website even has umbrella’s for animals! Need something compact? Try Fred Flare’s adorable Rain Parade Mini Umbrellas. Into something a little more sophisticated and sleek? Umbrella’s & Beyond has an assortment of “Leighton” style umbrellas featuring classic colors such as Tiffany blue and a beautiful green Kyoto, as seen below.

Want to stay extra dry? Get a raincoat. Trench coats are the usual go-to coat when it comes to rain, but they can look dowdy. Good news! Newer styles are getting rid of the length while keeping the coverage.

Check out Nordstrom’s Short Trench Coat for this less bulky look. If you don’t mind a little extra length to help protect from the rain, go for the Michael Kors Notched Collar Trench, which comes in four colors: black, British khaki, palm (a green), and red. Nothing says spring and summer like this palm colored coat:

Want something a little cheaper for the season? The Gap currently has spring appropriate pastel colored trenches on sale, which can be tied off with the jacket’s own belt or a ribbon for some added fabulosity.

Rain boots:
My favorite rainy day accessory always ends up being my rain boots. Whether they come from Target (who can beat Target’s $24 rain boots that come in a slew of colors, patterns, and types?) or JCrew, these boots serve the purpose of keeping your pants away from the water and your feet dry. These rain boots, also known as Wellies, can change any drab rainy day into something fun. Especially considering all those puddles you can jump into without getting soggy socks.

Want a unique pair of Wellies to reflect your personal styyyyle? Definitely check out Wellie Art; they have boots ranging from pink polka dots to white stars, giving your rainy day an immediate boost.

All this rainy day style finally makes me want to go singin’ in the rain.
And staying try, to boot.

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