The Five Awesomest Fads of All Time

I stumbled across some old photos last week from childhood. And while the last thing I want to remember are my awkward looks (Read: a perm [yes – PERM], horrid bangs, and purple braces), the pictures reminded me of all the must-have fads that I had to be a part of.

Like that photo of me with my shirt bunched on the side by one of those large plastic things. Or the ones of me when Christina Aguilera made bandanas and hoop earrings the size of my arm so cool that I thought it was the perfect look to rock with silver eyeshadow/fairy dust for… Hebrew School.

So here is a look back at some of our most favorite fads that will always hold a special place in our hearts:

1) Butterfly Clips. Let us not forget the years we spent sectioning our hair into mini “corn-rows” – and by corn rows I mean mini braids, or twisted hair pinned down by mini plastic butterfly clips that came in a plethora of colors, including my favorite, glitter.

True Story: I thought it was a good idea to enter a contest to be in a Got Milk ad. I put on a my best fake milk mustache, a cute (I use this term loosely) butterfly skirt, those clunky Steve Madden sandals that clippity clopped like a freakin’ horse everywhere you walked and, of course, what goes best with a butterfly skirt than a head full of… butterfly clips. I then made my poor mother take numerous pictures of me posing thinking “Teen People Here I Come!!” I don’t know how she didn’t laugh in my face. Or give me up for adoption.

I never did win that contest.

2) Beanie Babies. Currently in my parents; basement there is a giant pink chest stuffed with Beanie Babies. And I mean STUFFED. They are all there. The twelve I got from every friend for Hanukkah, the ones I waited in line for an hour for, the ones I got from my grandma after a dance recital, and, obviously, the discontinued ones like that little lamb and that tie-dyed Garcia bear. How cool were you if you owned a discontinued beanie baby?! Cool and better than cool. Confident because those discontinued plush toys were going to make you RICH. Those should totes be worth like 5 grand by now.

Except they aren’t. Not even close.  I remember checking on eBay in 8th grade and Garcia was going for like $600 and I said to myself, “OMG if I wait until I’m like 25, this thing will be worth like 10,000 dollars!”

Current listing price on eBay for Garcia: $9-$50.

3) Hard Tails – These pants were not only the trendiest pants one could own, but the ONLY time it was (and hopefully ever is) acceptable in our lifetimes to wear peach, lilac or any other color pants. They had a drawstring that ended up frayed to the point of tearing from too much wear, dragged on the floor and looked like pajamas, but were the coolest things around. Except for when you sat in them and then stood up to walk by your crush’s locker and you had these weird points in the knees that stuck out and wouldn’t go away until your mom washed them.

4) Tamagotchis If there was a drug dealer for Tamagotchis it was my mother. This is not a joke. Every friend of mine had one because my mom must have bought stock in the toy and handed it out like it was candy. If we dropped them, broke them or lost them, have no fear, my mom had a backstock in every SUPER COOL color that it came in. I bet she still has some extras stashed away somewhere now. We brought these bad boys every. where. To school, to the movies, to dance practice. It was our virtual baby. And virtual baby means you can turn it off when you would rather chat with your crush on AOL. And it means virtual poops. That looked like Hershey kisses. And it would wake you up in the middle of the night to feed it. And if you didn’t, it died. Good times.

5) Pogs – I still don’t even know what one does with a POG. Did I have an entire master set? Yes. Did I pull them out and look at them? Surem but I never – nor do I now – got the point of Pogs. I just knew they were a must-have accessory in the 4th grade and I was never one to miss out on must-have accessories. Pogs were so bomb. Until devil sticks came along…

Limiting this list to just 5 awesome fads was harder than acquiring the infamous Moses card in the Torah Cards trading game (which was another giant fad at my Jewish day school. No joke.) So, I am going to have to include a few honorable mentions: the bra-strap headband, lip smackers and the Hackey Sack, which you made your mom drive over to loosen up. Oh and, of course, the Shiny Michael Star. The shirt that came in every color and style, but not size. That whole ‘one size fits most’ was great for everyone but me as I was not in that ‘most’ category. Yeah, that was fun.

Saturday Read: White Oleander by Janet Fitch
Saturday Read: White Oleander by Janet Fitch
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