Wardrobe Wish List: Floral Mini Skirt

Anything mini is cute. Mini cupcakes, mini poodles, mini lip balms… The list goes on and on, and this mini skirt is no exception. This simple piece features a chiffon layer with an adorable floral print over a layer of black and an elastic waistband.

That’s it.

Lean toward the tomboyish look with a v-neck shirt and sneakers or go girly with sandals and a tank top. Either way, you’ll look incredibly fun and flirty! The skirt comes in two awesome color combinations, each with a slightly different floral print. But each also incredibly perfect.

This delightful skirt is an absolute must-have for those beautiful, warm days. Easy and light, delicate and vibrant, you’ll surely get plenty of compliments as you strut your stuff and show off your gams. Add it to your closet today! (Both would be even better!)

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I’m Torn: Friends or More?
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