Day-to-Night Styler: Hanging With the BF (Jean)

Boyfriend jeans are a huge hit this season and I love ’em not only cuz they’re totally comfy, but because they can easily go from cute & casual for day, to sexy & sassy at night with a few quick changes.

The key to BF jeans is finding ones that are still feminine and not too baggy.  It’s easy for this style to quickly look like you’re just shlubbin’ around, but if you find the right fit, they can be super cute and girly.  And don’t worry about dropping a couple hundred bucks on a cut that may not last for more than a season or two; you can get really cute Boyfriends (the jeans…not the lover) at stores like Target, Wet Seal, Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe.

For Day:
Pairing the BFs with an uber-feminine top, like a cami, will set your “cute and feminine” look apart from the “I buy boy’s jeans cuz they’re comfy” girls. I always like to go with something bright to give it the look a spring/summer pick-me-up. I love the “Sunkist”/orange version of this top. It’s bright, it’s flowy, and it balances the look of the jeans perfectly!

Slip into a pair of bright flats in a contrasting color (you don’t wanna be too matchy) to complete this darling daytime look.  Pull your hair back into a messy bun or ponytail and you will achieve the seemingly impossible: casual chic.

For night:
The change-over is a cinch. Especially if you’ve got a fabulous oversized bag with you. Just store your evening accessories in there during the day and you can prepare for the night out virtually anywhere. I love this bag because it’s perfect for lugging stuff around by day, but still totally appropriate for nighttime attire.

Since there is so much detail in the lace top, there is no need to go too overboard on the jewelry. But you need a little somethin’ somethin’ to dress this up, so a multi-stranded thin chain necklace is in order. It doesn’t overpower the look and maintains the dainty feel of it all.

More than the fact that it might get a bit chilly once the sun goes down, adding a cropped jacket can add a sophistication to the look that makes it evening-worthy.  I am loving the fun magenta color of this jacket and it’s a great way to contrast the bright of your shirt. Yes, it is totally OK to mix brights…as long as you do it right. And magenta and orange is oh-so-right.

With all that color going on up top, you are going to want to keep your footwear pretty neutral. Good thing neutral can also be totally hot. Add a little cuff to the jeans and slip into these summer sandals and you are set.

Now let your hair down, throw those flats in your bag, and you are ready. And it only took a few minutes! You won’t even miss the first round. Of shots.

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