Blogs That Make Us LOL


Usually when we need a little LOL here at the CollegeCandy headquarters we just go back through our old posts and marvel at how truly hilarious we all are. (And modest, too!) Or, you know, look through our Facebook photo albums from college. God, those were the days.

But there are some times where we need someting fresh and new to LOL at. So we turn to the internet.

There are lots of really amazing and hilarious sites out there, but there are 5 that we just can’t get enough of…. and are constantly getting us in trouble.

Editor: Why are you ROTFLing?
Intern: Uh…er….um…. I was reading one of your posts?
Editor: Aw, that’s so sweet. I am funny, aren’t I? I’m glad you recognize tha- Wait! Wha? That’s not CollegeCandy!

Anywho, if you’re depressed about school being over, in the throes of final exams, or just in need of a serious belly laugh, here are CollegeCandy’s picks for the top 5 funniest sites:

1. FMyLife: We’ve talked about this site hundreds of times before, but we still can’t help spending a good hour on here every time we visit. It’s like crack, only you don’t have to go to the shady part of town to get it.

Why We Love It: “Today, I texted my college boyfriend to tell him how terrible I felt about cheating. He replied saying he was so relieved because he had been cheating on me with a girl in his dorm. I was talking about my math exam. FML”

2. Texts From Last Night: You think your friend’s nonsensical drunken text was funny? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Why We Love It: “(402): I used a bag of wine as a pillow last night.”

3. Why the F**k Do You Have a Kid? It’s so simple, yet completely brilliant. Doesn’t it just make you wish we could put a lock on some people’s reproductive organs?

4. This Is Photo Bomb: There is nothing better in this world than a good photo bomb, especially when it’s an accident.

Why We Love It: Because this made it difficult for us to breathe.

5. Best of Craigslist: There has been a bit of CL scandal lately, but so what? It’s still the best place to buy a couch, find a shady dude with a van mover, or meet other people who also have weird diaper fetishes. And the “best of” section might be the best thing since Chelsea Lately. This sh*t really makes us LOREL (laugh out really effing loud).

Why We Love It: Because a personal ad started out like this – “You were at that “retarded vegetables” themed party….”

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