Fashionably Techie: Can’t Live Without It?

tv.jpgI think I’d die without technology. I’m constantly texting, I check my email six times a day and I use Google for everything. When I’m bored, my DSi is there to entertain me. Everything I do is coupled with some sort of technology, which is probably pretty obvious since I write about it every week.

But, and here’s the catch, everything I find so essential now will be completely outdated in like three years. Think about it – that new phone/game system/computer that you JUST got and are totally obsessed with will be old news very soon. And you will long for the day that you can get an upgrade.

That’s really kind of depressing. And a total waste of money, no?

Being that electronics go bad faster than those rotting apples in your fridge, it doesn’t always make sense to get the hottest, newest thing. There are just some pieces of technology you do not need. So, before you head off to Best Buy to ogle the latest and thinnest TVs for next year’s apartment, let’s discuss the things worth investing in vs. the things you can just play with at your guy friends’ frat house.

The Cell Phone:
Some things are pretty much a no brainier. Sure you probably CAN live without it, but why would you want to? With society’s on-the-go attitude (and our overflowing social calendars) trying to track us down on a land line is nigh impossible. And trying to find a friend at a party? Good luck. What you don’t need, though, is the latest and greatest phone the moment it comes out. Wait just a few short months and the price on that sick new touchscreen phone will drop.

The Blue Tooth:
Does it really take that much energy to lift that precious phone to your ear? And do you realize how ridiculous you look talking to yourself on the way to class? Pass on the blue tooth and save that money for something you really need, like rent. Or shoes. If you are doing something that prevents you from holding the phone, you probably shouldn’t be talking on it anyway.

Flat Screen:
They are pretty. They are cool. They are also very expensive pretty and cool items that you probably don’t need, especially to watch Gossip Girl. Hold onto that regular TV set a little longer, or just watch your shows online. You’ll save money on cable AND a TV purchase. Cha ching.

Blu-Ray players are very cool, but you don’t need to splurge on one. DVDs are just fine and I’m confident they are going to stick around for awhile.

iPod Touch:
This thing is sweet – there is no doubt about it – but it is also really expensive and doesn’t hold nearly as much music as the pods that came before it. Yes, you can switch songs by tapping on a screen, but is that really worth the giant price tag? Probably not. Hold onto the iPod you’ve got until it’s dead. There will probably be 12 new iPods between now and then, so you’ll end up with an even better one in the long run.

Technology is ever changing and very disposable these days, so remember not to pick up anything just because it looks cool. Chances are something new a better is coming along in a few months.

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