Girl Crush: Beyonce

[There are some women out there that we just can’t get out of our minds. No, we aren’t switching teams – yet – but we do have some serious crushes on some pretty fierce females. These ladies are all special in their own right and we aren’t ashamed to tell the world we love them.]

I have been following Beyonce (and by “following,” I mean, “covering my wall/locker with her posters”) ever since I heard her song “Say My Name.” From the days of Destiny’s Child in the late 1990s to her new hot hit “Single Ladies,” she has been sharing her talent for more than fifteen years!

Talent that is clearly recognized. Over the course of her career, Beyonce has been nominated for a total of 186 awards, and received 78.  From the Teen Choice Awards to the Glamour Magazine Woman of the Year to the Grammys, she has won it all. Including my heart.

My love has been strong for Lady B forever, but after seeing her new movie, Obsessed, I am, well, obsessed. Now, not only is she my favorite singer, famous female, and person in general, she is on the top of my list of actresses. Her performance was intense and believable, proving that, unlike so many people in Hollywood, Beyonce really can do it all.  And it turns me on (in a non sexual way, of course…).

But talent can really only take you so far, and it is the person Beyonce is on the inside that totally has me crushing. We all know that she’s gorgeous –  her perfect complexion, big beautiful hair, long lanky legs and eyes that pop out at you instantly draw everyone in. But even with all that perfection, Beyonce is a quiet, low key, and incredibly giving person.

She started the Survivor Foundation, helping  to provide transitional housing for Hurricane Katrina victims. She also helps the Gulf Coast Ike Relief Fund and the Knowles-Rowland Center For Youth. And, if you haven’t heard the song “Stand Up,” go listen to it right now. Beyonce and her music producer wrote it for the huge “Stand Up to Cancer” campaign. It is beautiful, moving, and so inspiring.

And it looks like Beyonce’s charm has swayed far more important people than little old me. Remember what a playboy Jay Z was? Look at him now! Beyonce and Jay Z are the perfect couple – affectionate, “normal,” and keeping their private lives private. Their relationship is something that everyone in Hollywood should be jealous of and defintely one that my crush, Beyonce, deserves.

If she wasn’t already taken, I’d totally put a ring on it.

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